New 'Lost' Season 5 Finale Spoiler
New 'Lost' Season 5 Finale Spoiler
Warning: The following story regards a fairly major spoiler for the Lost season finale. It's sizable pieces of a puzzle rather than the answer to everything. But if you think having the pieces would ruin your ability to look at the whole with fresh eyes you may prefer not to know.

Everyone has a Lost theory, but a few people's guesses are a little more educated than others. Entertainment Weekly's master of spoilers, Michael Ausiello, posted a real chin-scratcher about Lost today. The meaning of his tip is certainly murky, which only makes the news more interesting as Ausiello raises more new questions than he answers.

Ausiello heard from an ABC insider that Lost is shooting a wedding today that will factor into the two hour finale on May 13. There's no word on who is getting married except that the ceremony won't be held on the island. There is one suggestive detail. The casting agents are calling for Asian-American actors to play extras in the scene.

Since Jin and Sun are already married there are a few possibilities. The scene could be a flashback to Jin and Sun's wedding, which on the surface would sound sentimental and cute but not exactly earth shattering. Or, according to one wild rumor, the wedding could occur during an extreme flash forward in which Aaron, now grown up, marries Jin and Sun's daughter.

Some scenes from late in season four and early in season five could be read as foreshadowing an Aaron and Ji Yeon union. Sun has previously commented that she would love it if Ji Yeon and Aaron became friends, and she later promised just such a friendship to Ji Yeon. A distant flash forward would provide answers to some fairly major questions. Are the parents of the bride and groom present? One can just imagine that some stunning clues would be worked into the scene about the long term futures of the central characters.

A flashback to Jin and Sun's marriage would be a bigger spoiler for what it implies than for what it directly states. What course of events on the island would necessitate flashing back to the wedding? Will Jin and Sun's second chance together be short lived, with shots of their unhappy ending being interspersed with memories of their happy reunion? Or is there another interpretation?

I, for one, don't want to know what happens until I see the episode. But half-spoilers like Ausiello's give me interesting directions to think in and actually make me more curious to see the episode rather than less. One has to wonder how many of Ausiello's spoilers are deliberately leaked to him in the hopes fans will have exactly that reaction.

Who do you think gets married? What would it mean if Ji Yeon and Aaron got married? And why would we flash back to Jin and Sun's wedding? Comment below and call your wedding theory now so you can brag later when you turn out to be right.

-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Entertainment Weekly Online
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