'Lost' Wants Your Theme Tunes
'Lost' Wants Your Theme Tunes
And no, not the Village People sort, because funnily enough, that's what came to mind when I typed that headline down.  You know, the "we want you!" sort.

But yes, the folks behind Lost are really looking for a theme tune.  Oh, but they're not really going to use it in the show's final episodes--for that, the eerie opening titles with floating white text on a black background still works best.  But lots of fans like you have done this sort of YouTube, right?  Stitch scenes together, throw in some music, upload, discuss.

Actually, they're cooking up a "mock theme music contest" to mark five years of the show at the Comic-Con.  It's their last panel, probably, and so they decided to give one slot of the panel to all of you uploaders, composers and whatnot.  The question is simple: what would be your ideal Lost theme song, if ever there was one?  The task: compose an original theme for the song.

(I'm resisting a Little Britain reference--"write the feem choon, sing the feem choon...")

Interested?  Sure, sure.  The rules are on the Lost website, but all you have to submit is a filled out release form, which is also online, and the composition itself, which can be up to 60 seconds long.  You'll have to mail them to ABC: the address is online, too.

Judges will pick the winner based on originality, musical talent, coolness, and what they call as being "Jacob-worthy".  (Oddly enough, all that amounts to 80% of the score, if you check the rules.  But anyway.)  The prize?  You'll have your tune played out at the show's Comic-Con panel itself, which happens on July 25.  Possibly with a mock title sequence, too.

The contest began last week--yes, we all just noticed this, and I actually regret not mentioning this a couple of days ago--and ends on July 16.  Must be enough time for you to make something up--maybe grab an existing song and flip it around, or something new altogether--record it, and send it, right?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ABC
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