'Lost' Video Sneak Peeks: So I'm A Candidate, And Then What?
'Lost' Video Sneak Peeks: So I'm A Candidate, And Then What?
ABC has just released a couple of clips from next week's Lost episode, "Ab Aeterno". Well, actually they released one. The other clip was apparently released by mistake last week--or is it a mistake? It's a clip we got a little glimpse of in the promos for "Recon", after all...

Anyway, while next week's episode will finally give us the lowdown on Richard Alpert's arrival on the Island, it seems we'll also go back to Ilana's side of the Island and learn more about her task on the Island.

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And that's where the first clip comes in. Remember the scene in the season five finale, where Jacob visited a severely injured Ilana? Here's why.

The second clip dovetails nicely to the first. This is the one we saw on the "Recon" promos, and features three of the candidates--Shepherd, Reyes and half a Kwon--wondering what being a candidate really is all about.

So it seems we're getting some answers in next week's episode. Or are we?

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