LOST Solved With Myth? Plus - More LOST Freezeframe Madness
LOST Solved With Myth? Plus - More LOST Freezeframe Madness
The future of LOST's story can be predicted by ancient mythological archetypes?  Leave it to the fan boards, sheesh.  Actually when I'm not writing her you can find me slipping on my labcoat and hanging out at the LOST fansite TheTailsection.  We like to call it the "fringe" dumping ground for all things emanating from LOST's far-side.  You've heard the legends, LOST fans stooped over their DVR's watching the latest issue one frame at a time for missed clues or connections, only to report to their local fan board with theories like "The show is all a dream that the dog is having", or "Jack is Jacob". Here's a sampling of some of the craziness creeping across the LOST fan sites this week.

The Monomyth Solution:  Okay I'm partial to this, probably because I wrote it.  Throw out your literary allusions, religious name charts, and block hole theories.  LOST is a classic hero myth being played out according to a stringent 'cosmogenic cycle'.  Feeling lost?  Visit this article for a brief history of mythology and what could be the road map to LOST's end.

Freeze Frame Madness:
As if this weeks preview for LOST 3.20 "The Man Behind the Curtain" wasn't enticing enough, slow it down to one frame per second and you'll really get psyched!   Why does Alpert look like Jesus?  What's up with Marvin Candle's funky Hawaiian shirt?  Isn't that Michael Emerson's wife? Visit this article for all the freeze frame madness you can handle.

Revenge of the Fans:   Did LOST's "The Brig" do it for you?  Do you have something to say about it all? If you didn't know already, TheTailsection's poll gets quoted on several LOST Podcasts from coast to coast and rumor has it at a LOST writer or two swing through once in a while to get the 'section's fan reaction.

Spoilers on Parade:  Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof made their rounds this week and dumped copious hints on what is to come through the remaining three episodes of LOST as well as what to expect from the third season!  For audio clips and summaries visit thetailsection!

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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