Lost: Readers Respond to "The Economist" and "Eggtown" Questions
Lost: Readers Respond to "The Economist" and "Eggtown" Questions
Last week, I posted a few questions that still remain from two of Lost's most interesting season 4 episodes: "The Economist" and "Eggtown."  Lost has so many intricacies, and so many little details to remember, that I often find the most obvious answers slipping my mind.  For example, many of you pointed out that Kate (Evangeline Lilly) never could have adopted Aaron due to her murderous past, which is something my taxed brain neglected to take into account.  With a show as wonderfully complicated as Lost, it helps to have these reminders from the dedicated fanbase.

Continue on for more of what BuddyTV readers had to say about last week's questions.

One of the minor mysteries from "The Economist" was the inscription Sayid (Naveen Andrews) found on Naomi's bracelet.  I assumed it was from Regina, but rpgqueen pointed out another possibility.  "I think R.G. could be Captain Gault," she said.  "That makes the G, and we do not know his first name."  Why didn't I think of that?

Another question I posed about the episode was how the Others are getting to the mainland so easily.  Do they have a stash of boats and submarines, or are they using a method that's a little more sci-fi?  "I think the Others teleport off the island," CamaroHeed said.  "Yes, Locke (Terry O'Quinn) blew up the submarine, but they could have another 10 submarines hidden somewhere.  My problem with that is they SEEM to get off the island and on to the mainland VERY quickly.  We don't know where the island is, but imagine how long it might take, by submarine, to get to the mainland.  I don't think they are using the submarine.  And yes, the teleportation I believe is what Ben meant by his metaphor of a 'magic box.'"

While some of us wonder about whether the Others stole a transporter beam from Star Trek, erindreg wants to know about the big twist at the end of the episode.  "I REALLY want to know why Sayid is working for Ben," she said.  "The biggest question for me (other than THE LIE) is who is the bad guy:  Ben or Widmore?  I think that somehow Michael is the missing link between Ben (Michael Emerson) and Sayid.  Something must happen on the freighter for Sayid to side with Ben, and I bet it circles around Michael."

jlrabbit thinks that Sayid's unexpected alliance my have something to do with the woman from his past. "After rewatching the episode, and what Ben said about Sayid thinking with his heart, I think that Nadia will play into this.  Something is going to happen to her, and that is what pushes Sayid to work for Ben.  He might have tried to warn him before he gets off the island and he didn't listen, and Nadia gets hurt or killed."

Now that we've spent time with "The Economist," let's take a trip back to "Eggtown."  rpgqueen thinks that Miles' (Ken Leung) request for $3.2 million was actually a secret code.  "There are rumours that Miles asking Ben for 3.2 million was a code, but whether that is true I do not know.  From Lostpedia: '3.2 million is equal to 3,200,000.  Or, 3 then 2 then 5 zeros.  Ben told Michael (at the end of Season 2) in order to leave the island, Michael must remain exactly at 325 degrees.'"

lost_grrl was one of the people who pointed out the obvious problem with my theory about Kate's adoption of Aaron.  "I think the world believes Aaron to be Kate's," she said.  "I can't imagine them letting her adopt Aaron while, at the same time, being charged with murder.  Kate's mother had not seen her for quite some time.  Kate was in Australia for several months, and on the Island for at least 3 more -- thats 6 months right there.  So, if Kate comes off the island with Claire's baby Aaron, Kate's mother would not have the information needed to know Kate was not pregnant."

Though the producers have stated that the identities of the other two people who survived the crash in Jack's (Matthew Fox) lie are insignificant, some of us are still wondering who would have made up the Oceanic Eight.  "I think Charlie has to be one of the two who survived the crash but didn't survive the island, because he talked to Penny," OldManFan said.  "She would know he survived the crash.  That means that it is known at least seven survived the crash.  'Eight' gives the O6 a little breathing room, as well as the writers (if they want to make it important who the last one is)."

Later this week, I'll be asking questions about "The Constant" and "The Other Woman."  I'll be relying on the BuddyTV readers to let me know if I overlook anything significant, so get your thoughts and theories ready.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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