Lost: Previewing Episode 6.03 "What Kate Does"
Lost: Previewing Episode 6.03 "What Kate Does"
I'm having a pretty hard time framing my questions for tonight's Lost episode, so let's begin with the most obvious reference: the episode title. We do all know that back in the second season there was an episode called "What Kate Did", which featured a flashback to her little dubious crime, which involved blowing up her house with her biological father inside. But, of course, in the alternate timeline, Kate is still under arrest: she still committed the crime, and she's still on the run, barely escaping Edward Mars by boshing his head on the sink.

So what is Kate supposed to do now? She, of course, barely escapes again, holding a taxi and the two people inside hostage--including a still pregnant Claire. Considering my little theory that all the survivors are still headed towards the same fate despite Jughead's detonation, it looks like Kate and Claire's lives are still intertwined, never mind that the former eventually takes the taxi for herself.

Consider this: Kate was there when Claire gave birth to Aaron, and she later adopted him when she left the Island. In between, the two shared a handful of moments, with both confronting their responsibilities and obligations. If that doesn't happen on the Island, it surely will off the Island, which should explain the seemingly coincidental encounter inside the taxi.

So does that mean Kate will still end up taking Claire's baby? Maybe the encounter would give Claire early labor, or maybe she's suffer a miscarriage, or maybe there's another encounter much later. It pays to bear in mind that little clip the producers sneaked in during one of Lost's later promos--of Claire pointing a rifle at someone, very reminiscent of Rousseau. I also read that Rousseau (even if Mira Furlan is no longer around) will figure in tonight's episode. Are we headed in that direction?

Then again, we've yet to figure out how the show will reconcile both timelines. That should take a while.

Another storyline involves the Jughead folk in the Temple, where Sayid was killed after drowning in an unusually blood-stained pool--and ends up going back to life anyway, albeit without his Iraqi accent. Is he Jacob? I don't expect answers to that. What I expect, though, is Jack begging for those answers, and that could lead to him being given a task, one that could harm someone. (I'm guessing that person's Sayid--remember the promo where he's seemingly being tortured?) But I also read that Jack would try his best to subvert that task, a move that could cost his life... or does it really go that way?

I'm just as confused as the rest of you, so I'll just leave you with those questions, and see you tonight. It's a new episode of Lost, from 9pm on ABC.

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