Lost - Greatest Hits - Live Thoughts
Lost - Greatest Hits - Live Thoughts
Tonight was LOST “Greatest Hits” AKA “The Last LOST Before the Finale!”  If it was done right, it was merely an elaborate setup for the goodness that will come in next weeks two hour series finale.  If it is done wrong, it will be a self-contained episode with no connective tissue to hold us over.  Would LOST dare do that?  Read on to find out the high points, and low points of tonight’s “Greatest Hits!”

  • The Episode is Charlie Centric.  Charlie has been told by Desmond that he has seen Claire and Aaron being rescued, but he must die in order for it to happen.  Charlie is ready to sacrifice his life and begins making a list of his favorite moments
  • Jack has a plan to ambush the others when they come to get the pregnant women.
  • Ben arrives back to camp and tells his best men to get ready to go to the beach and get the women.
  • Sayid is discussing a plan to use Naomi’s phone to call her ship, but needs to shut down Danielle’s signal.  Juliet tells them there is a hatch blocking the transmissions off the island.  Karl shows up in a boat and warns them that his people are coming early.
  • Desmond volunteers to row Charlie to the hatch so he can swim down and disable the jamming device.  He has seen that Charlie dies.  He offers to take Charlie’s place, but Charlie knocks him out and jumps overboard.
  • Inside the underwater hatch, two women with guns confront Charlie. 

That is where things are left!  It’s not looking good for Charlie at the moment, the beach folk have lost a day to plan their offensive, and no sign anywhere of John Locke!  Brilliant setup for next week’s finale episode!  Arguably, it could be considered a two parter despite the fact that the show is ‘serialized’ to begin with.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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