Lost: Five Questions about "Ji Yeon"
Lost: Five Questions about  "Ji Yeon"
It's surprising that an episode about Sun and Jin ended up being one of the more divisive hours of Lost's fourth season, but that was the case with "Ji Yeon."  Some people loved the installment for its emotional power and tricky structure, while others felt the mixing of a flashback and a flash forward was a useless gimmick.  Personally, I loved the structure of the episode but found myself underwhelmed by the emotional impact, mainly because I think Jin's death is about as fake as Mr. Friendly's old beard.

When making my list of five questions still remaining from "Ji Yeon," I thought it'd be a good idea to start with the most obvious query first.

1)  Is Jin really dead?

I truly don't believe that Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) is dead, and I'll give you two reasons why: 1)  The date on Jin's tombstone was 9/22/04, which is the date of the crash.  Unless he's been a ghost for a while, we know he didn't die that day and that something fishy is going on.  2)  I don't believe the writers would tear Jin and Sun (Yunjin Kim) apart.  Sure, they might tease us with the possibility of an unhappy ending, but they're aware that these two are the heart of the show.  They're going to end up living happily ever after in the end.

If Jin isn't dead, what happened to him?  He obviously stayed behind on the island with a number of other 815ers, though why remains a mystery.  Perhaps the Oceanic Six were under the impression that everyone on the island would die after they left, which would certainly explain Sun realistically grieving at Jin's grave. However, though the Six may have been told that their friends and loved ones would die, I think they'll eventually go back and find that's not the case.

2)  Why is Hurley happy that no one else is visiting Sun?

When Hurley (Jorge Garcia) visits Sun and little Ji Yeon at the end of the episode, he mentions that it's good that no one else is coming.  What happened that would make Hurley glad not to see Jack, Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Sayid, and Aaron?  He didn't seem to mind when Jack (Matthew Fox) visited him at the institution in his flash forward, so what changed in that time span?

Before getting off the island, something bad must happen between Hurley and the other castaways.  Maybe he's upset at whatever decision led Kate to take Aaron, and maybe Jack and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) sided with her.  It could be any number of things, but that's one possibility.  Another question to ponder is why the other members of the Six decided not to show up.  Were they just busy, or were there other reasons?

3)  Where did Frank go with the helicopter?

Keamy, Frank, and maybe a few other freighter folk took off on a mysterious mission, and we still don't know where they went.  It's possible that they were the ones in the jungle who shot at Rousseau, Karl, and Alex in "Meet Kevin Johnson," but it's also possible that the Others were behind that attack.

My guess is that they're going to the island to rescue Miles (Ken Leung) and grab Ben, but I'm still not convinced they were behind the jungle attack.  The vibe I got was that Ben knew that attack was going to happen, which means the Others may be the culprits.

4)  Why does Michael consider Captain Gault untrustworthy?

While they were trapped in a room on the freighter, Michael (Harold Perrineau) slipped Sayid and Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) a note saying not to trust the captain.  Later the captain told them that the freighter was sent by Charles Widmore, and also mentioned that Ben may have had something to do with the fake 815 crash.  Can either of these things be trusted?  That leads me to my next question. . .

5)  Why does Captain Gault think Ben is involved in the fake 815 crash?

Gault seems to think that Ben (Michael Emerson) will have answers regarding the fake 815 crash, but Mr. Friendly told Michael that the entire thing was set up by Charles Widmore.  I don't feel that I can trust shady captains or guys who occasionally wear fake beards, so I'm not sure who to believe on this.  Friendly easily could have tricked Michael just to get him on the boat, so maybe Ben really is the man behind the curtain. However, Ben claims that he's the good guy and that Widmore is the super villain.  Who do you trust in this situation?

Check back later this week when I'll wrap up this series by asking five questions about "Meet Kevin Johnson."

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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