Lost: Episode 5.5 "This Place is Death" Recap (Page 1/3)
Lost: Episode 5.5 "This Place is Death" Recap (Page 1/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Lost: The Islanders vowed to go to the Orchid, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Ben and Sun met up at the marina, and Jin was rescued by a young, pregnant Danielle Rousseau and her French scientific expedition.

At the marina, right as she's ready to kill Ben, Sun (Yunjin Kim) gets a call from her mom, who's busy watching Ji Yeon. Sun's daughter gets on the phone and says “Come home, mama. I miss you.” It's absolutely adorable, as is the moment when Sun says goodbye. As a huge fan of Arrested Development, I love it whenever anyone says “annyong.” Sun gets out of the car and tries to kill Ben (Michael Emerson), but he vows that he can prove Jin is alive.

Indeed., Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) is alive, and he's freaking out over learning that this is the same Rousseau and that it's 1988. Robert wants to find the radio tower, but communicating is difficult since a Korean and Frenchman are trying to speak in English.

They walk through the jungle to the tower but get stopped by a noise. A very specific noise. The Frenchies don't have a clue, but Jin knows what's coming - it's Smokey! He wants to run, but the stupid French people want to look for their missing friend Nadine. They find her, but only after Smokey drops her dead body onto the ground.

They run, but the huge, awesome pillar of black smoke rises up, stares into the eyes of a Frenchman, and takes him away. The others chase him back to a temple when Smokey goes into his hole, dragging the Frenchman with him. His team tries to save him, but they only rip off his arm as Smokey pulls him down. They foolishly agree to go in after him, but Jin makes Danielle stay behind.

Jin goes through a time jump, but it's a pretty recent jump because he comes across several dead Frenchmen and a still-pregnant Danielle pointing her gun at Robert because she claims the monster stole his soul. He says the monster is just a security system for the temple, but when he tries to shoot her, Danielle kills off the last member of her team infected with the monster's sickness.

She sees Jin and assumes the disappearing man is also infected, but he goes through another time jump before getting shot. He winds up with another gun pointed at him, but it's Sawyer (Josh Holloway). Jin is reunited with his friends who try their best to explain what's happening.

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