Lost: Episode 4.10 "Something Nice Back Home" Live Thoughts
Lost: Episode 4.10 "Something Nice Back Home" Live Thoughts
Last week on Lost, Ben went on a globetrotting adventure that culminated in a riveting confrontation with his nemesis, Charles Widmore.  He let Charles know that he plans to kill Penny to get revenge for Alex's demise.  We also learned that Ben has the ability to unleash the smoke monster from a secret chamber inside his house, though it's unclear how much control he has over it.  On the beach, Jack came down with a case of stomach pain after figuring out that the freighter folk aren't on a rescue mission.

Tonight, Jack's illness gets much worse, and the crew led by Sawyer runs into some trouble in the jungle.  I'll be updating with live thoughts throughout tonight's exciting episode.

The episode begins with Bernard arguing with Faraday.  The physicist claims that they can't contact the freighter, but Rose and Bernard think he's full of it.  Jack (Matthew Fox) interrupts and tries to calm everyone down, but he soon collapses due to that bad case of gas he's been dealing with.

Flash-forward time!  Matthew Fox makes it obvious that he's been working out thanks to a revealing towel scene.  We also learn that Jack is living with Kate (Evangeline Lilly).  I guess those two kids ended up together after all, at least for a little while.  After he puts some clothes on, Jack reads Aaron a bedtime story.  Kate tells him that she's glad he changed his mind and decided to stay there.  All of this domestic bliss makes me wonder what happened between them after Kate's trial.

On the island, Miles (Ken Leung) hears ghostly whispers from Danielle and Karl as he walks through the jungle with Sawyer and Claire.  Miles does some digging and finds their bodies.  I can't believe Danielle is actually dead!  I'm crushed, and just let out an audible "Oh NO!" that my neighbors probably heard.

Jack is trying his best to play the hero and pretend that his crippling pains are no big deal.  He tells Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) that it's food poisoning, but she does some feeling around and figures out that it's actually appendicitis.  There's nothing like a little on-island surgery to get the blood pumping.

Daniel (Jeremy Davies) volunteers to team up with Sun (Yunjin Kim) and Jin to go to the medical station, but they think he could be dangerous.  Juliet makes sure to hand Jin a big gun before sending them for supplies.

Rose asks the same question I was just wondering: Why did Jack get sick?  She knows that people are supposed to get better on the island, and it can't be a coincidence that he fell ill one day before rescue is supposed to arrive.  Could the island be trying to keep Jack in its grasp?

In the future, Jack is clean-shaven, has a smooth chest, and is seeing his dad in random places.  Jack gets a call to go meet Hurley (Jorge Garcia) in the mental hospital.  The big guy is convinced that the Oceanic 6 are all dead and never got off the island.  Jack tells him that's a ridiculous idea, and also reveals that he changed his mind about not seeing Aaron since Kate's trial wrapped up.  Hurley then gives Jack a message from Charlie: "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack."  Charlie also lets him know that someone will be visiting him in the near future.  Someone from beyond the grave, perhaps?

I hope they have a formula to resurrect the dead at the medical station, that way Danielle can dust off her bones and get back to kicking ass.  Sadly, that probably won't happen.  Sun reminisces about the ultrasound she had in the station, and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) promises she'll have her baby off the island.

Sawyer's (Josh Holloway) crew runs into Lapidus in the jungle, and the first thing Frank does is warn them to hide since Keamy and his men are on their way.  Apparently Smokey didn't do a very good job, because the freighter folk are still alive.  Maybe ol' Smokey lost some of his mojo after being cooped up in Ben's (Michael Emerson) Egyptian chamber for too long.

Let's go back to the future.  Jack wants reassurance from Kate that he's actually good at being a father.  After she tells him he is, he whips out a big ring and proposes.  The fans that call themselves "Skaters" burst into tears as Kate says yes.

Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) pretends like she doesn't understand Korean, but Jin knows that she's lying.  He tells her that when the helicopter comes she's going to make sure Sun gets off the island, otherwise he'll break Daniel's fingers.  Jin is awesome.  I just hope he doesn't end up like Rousseau and Karl before the end of the season.

It's time for Juliet, Kate, and Bernard to attempt an appendectomy.  Jack wants to stay awake to assist with the surgery, but Juliet drugs him against his will.  In the flash-forward, Jack receives a very special visit from Christian Shephard.  He walks toward his father, but someone interrupts and the apparition disappears.  Is it a coincidence that the smoke detector was beeping while Jack's dad was in the room?  Jack, who is understandably freaked out by seeing dead people, asks his doctor friend for a prescription.  He's also worried about Kate's mysterious phone calls to a "friend" in the middle of the night.  Let the pill popping begin!

Believe it or not, the surgery was a success and Jack didn't die from an exploding appendix.  After he's all sewn up, Juliet lets Kate know that they kissed outside of The Tempest station.  Juliet thinks the kiss was Jack's attempt to prove that he's not in love with Kate, but deep down she knows he is.

In the final flash-forward, we're starting to see signs of the Jack we met in "Through the Looking Glass."  He's scruffy and is downing booze like Prohibition is about to make a comeback.  He wants to know where Kate ran off to during the day, and she reveals that she was doing something for Sawyer.  It sounds like Sawyer is still alive, but Jack says that he chose to stay on the island.  Kate doesn't say exactly what she was doing for him, nor does she mention who she was talking to on the phone.  Maybe they finally got cell reception on the island.

Back in the jungle, Claire wakes up to find Christian cradling Aaron.  He really gets around for a dead guy, doesn't he?  Later, Sawyer finds out from Miles that Claire (Emilie de Ravin) wandered off into the jungle with her dad in the dead of night.  Sawyer hears Aaron crying and finds him nearby, but Claire has completely disappeared.

Next week, it looks like we'll check in on Locke's (Terry O'Quinn) journey to Jacob's cabin.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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