LOST - Enter 77 - RECAP
LOST - Enter 77 - RECAP
LOST ‘Enter 77’ continued the progression away from the claustrophobic mini-season arc back into the open, flowing mystery of the island and its cloistered inhabitants, primarily the mysterious eye patch man. ‘Enter 77’ was LOST at top form with pervasive mysteries, cryptic yet revealing answers, and plenty of reasons to tune in next week.

Enter 77 is a Sayid centered episode, but I will warn Sayid fans up front: as far as flashback density goes, Enter 77 is a little on the thin side. I was amazed by how late into the episode the flashback started, and the scenes, as well as the story, were incredibly brief. Make no doubt about it, Enter 77 is focused on the islands mysteries, particularly the Dharma Initiative.

 Basically, it breaks down like this… Kate, Sayid, Locke, and Danielle are following a compass bearing of 305 North, a bearing John Locke has derived from Mr. Eko’s scripture stick. Sayid is at odds with Locke’s methodololgy and is on the verge of abandoning Locke’s pursuit of faith when he discovers a mysterious building in the middle of the jungle, and a one eyed man wandering the grounds.

Fans have waited a long time to see this guy again, nicknamed ‘Patchy’, he made his first appearance in “The Cost of Living” on a pearl station monitor. You just know somebody this mysterious is going to have a lot to say.

At first, Patchy isn’t open to company and actually shoots Sayid in the arm. Once he figured out that the group is not a threat he starts to talk, beginning with “I am the last surviving member of the Dharma initiative.”

108484_0073_pre.jpg For once, the characters are asking questions, and they don’t stop. What happened to Dharma? What happened between Dharma and the others? It all comes out.

Turns out Dharma is all gone, dead. How? They declared a war against the indigenous people of the island, they called it a purge. So much for the socio-inclusiveness there, DaGroots. Also that cable, the one we asked Damon and Carlton about in our interview? It actually came into play in this very episode. Turns out it goes to a sonar beacon.

The station this guy is in is one of the most low tech of all Dharma stations. It is called ‘The Flame’ and is the center of communications for the initiative. In addition to controlling the buoy, it also features a nice satellite dish capable of transmitting thousands of miles. There is also a chess computer that immediately fascinates former hatch hermit John Locke.

As time goes on, Sayid figures out that Patchy is lying… he is one of ‘them’ and he is not alone. After they subdue Patchy, they go into the basement and find the insidious Mrs. Klugh. Above ground, Mrs. Klugh winds up having her friend Patchy kill her. He tries to kill himself, but that doesn’t quite work out.

Meanwhile, Locke beats the chess game and sees a familiar face. It’s Marvin Candle! But this time he is just a computer menu, no orientation film. This is where Enter 77 comes into play, it is the code to be entered in case the station is compromised by “the hostiles”. As they are departing the area with Patchy as a prisoner, the flame blows up. Apparently 77 was the self destruct code.

Patchy tells Sayid he’ll never tell them how to find the others, but Sayid says that doesn’t matter, and reveals a map he recovered from the station. They now have the path to Jack.