Lost: Ben Might Just Get Away With It
Lost: Ben Might Just Get Away With It
Benjamin Linus confuses me, which is perhaps a good thing.  Oh, if only because of what he's done since he first showed up on Lost--now you don't know what he's actually up to, with all those false details, and leaving the island, and returning to the island, and all that.  So it's a pretty interesting question, now that the series is going to end--what exactly will happen to him?  (That, and this provided a good break from all those will-Charlie-Pace-be-back? questions.)

Michael Emerson told E! Online that he thinks he'll have a pretty important part in the final season of the show next year.  "My feeling is that [Ben] will have a role to play in the next season," he said.  "And I hope he survives until almost the end at least."

Well, of course, nobody has an idea yet about what could possibly happen on the sixth season--plot details have yet to be written out.  But if ever the end would be pretty catastrophic, does he see Ben surviving the whole thing?  "Ben is a great man for the secret exit," Emerson said.  "Ben always has an escape, I think.  It may be a piece of wood, floating on the ocean.  Or it may be a rope, or a secret door.  Or, you know, an Ecuadorian passport and a plastic bag, something like that.  He's probably going to survive."

And in between the end and the rest of the season?  "I don't know what Ben's ultimate station will be," he said.  "Ben's become such a cringing little follower, hasn't he?  'Who is that guy who looks like John Locke?'  He's sort of taking things over, and what can Ben do except sort of mope along and follow orders?  Although [Ben] did have a moment of angry violence there in the finale.  I was sort of proud of him for that.  I mean, he's looked all these years for a proper father, hasn't he?  And [Jacob] says, 'What about you?' I would have stabbed him, too."

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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