'Lost' Aftergasm: Conveniently Unstuck in Time
'Lost' Aftergasm: Conveniently Unstuck in Time
So, Lost is back.  That's pretty cool.  My colleague, John Jacob Jingleheimer Kubicek, has been typing his hands numb with Lost coverage over the past week in anticipation of last night's premiere.  Lost is a heavy burden, and it should not be his alone to bear.  That means I, Oscar Dahl, will be writing Lost Aftergasms this season, which just tickles me sideways.  I love this damn show, and I am shameless in that love.  The two-hour premiere felt like vintage Lost, even though the show is fundamentally different from previous seasons, especially in narrative structure.  Mysteries are being answered, questions are being asked, and the story is advancing at a rapid clip.  The premiere did spark a few concerns, but the good far surpassed the bad. 

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The writers have made it abundantly clear that the Oceanic 6 will not be lingering on the mainland.  Ben Linus's sense of urgency seemed somewhat strange early in the premiere, but that final scene with Ms. Hawking (didn't think we'd see her again) gave us the reason for Ben's hurriedness.  Ostensibly, there were coincidences aplenty, but you have to believe that Ben has his hands in all of it.  Sun in town on business?  Ben set it up.  The lawyers sent to get blood samples?  Ben hired them.  Somehow, Ben has become the rare kind character who, no matter how insane his reach becomes, no matter how ridiculous a plot he's involved with, you believe he will succeed.  He won't fail.  He'll figure out a way.  Hurley in jail?  So what – Ben will bust him out, no problem. 

What I was most curious about coming into the season was how Lost would handle the time rift between the survivors on the island and the Oceanic 6.  Being three years apart, I thought, would create some major storytelling constraints.  Having the island folk become “unstuck in time” was a clever and convenient way of resolving this issue.  Daniel Faraday is now the most important island character, even more so than Locke, a fact that was established in the brilliant opening scene.  He's the key to all of this, and I can't wait to see what he does to try and manipulate their time travel.   Being unstuck in time will also allow the Lost writers to tell parts of the island's back story in new, creative ways.  Will we see the crew of the Black Rock in an upcoming episode?  How cool would that be?

Already, the writers are banging into our heads why the Oceanic 6 need to go back to the island.  If they don't, everyone is doomed.  For the life of me, I cannot fathom why this would be the case.  But, I imagine, this will be the major mystery of season 5.  Sayid will be in – there's nothing left for him on the mainland.  We all know Jack is on board.  The maternity issue gives Kate a reason to bounce, though whether Aaron joins her, and how he could stay behind without her, are concerns.  Obviously, getting Hurley convinced to join the others, not to mention busting him out of jail, will be the biggest problem. 

Overall, it's difficult to argue that last night's premiere was anything other than a success.  A fantastic opening scene, a rollicking first hour, an intriguing, though slower, second half and a clear sense of purpose for all of our favorite characters.  Simply, it feels like season 5 will be a good one.  The writers have set themselves up splendidly.  There are infinite directions the plot could go, and I have no idea where the story will head, even on a minute-to-minute basis.  Mostly, it's just nice to have Lost back in our lives.  e it. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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