'Lost' Guest Stars Find New Projects
'Lost' Guest Stars Find New Projects
Somehow the casting folks who work on Lost always manage to fill even the most minor roles with extremely memorable actors.  I'm convinced that the show's stream of unforgettable guest stars is a key to its continued success.  Some of the bit players on the show have gone on to bigger things, such as Kevin Durand (the villainous Keamy), who will be playing The Blob in next summer's X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, while other actors stick to the tube.  It's recently been announced that three of Lost's most memorable guest stars have signed on to new projects, some of which sound much more exciting than others.

I really enjoyed Marsha Thomason's performance as the doomed Naomi on Lost, but I'm not sure that's enough to get me to tune in to Easy Money.  The show is part of the CW's new Sunday night line-up, and because the network didn't care to shell out money to produce shows for that night, they sold the rights off to a company named MRC.  The result is a bunch of series that look rather low-rent, even if some of them do star legitimate actors.  Thomason has landed a series regular role on Easy Money, which is a dramedy about a family of loan sharks that co-stars Laurie Metcalf.  She'll be playing the love interest of the family's son, who longs to make his family's shady business legit.

I'm still upset that one of Lost's only gay characters, Mr. Friendly (aka Tom), met his end in the season 3 finale.  Friendly may be gone, but actor M.C. Gainey lives on, and in early 2009 he'll show up on USA's hit spy drama Burn Notice.  There's no word on what Gainey's role will consist of, but chances are he'll be stirring up some trouble.

Apparently, dying on Lost is a great career move.  In addition to the new projects for Durand, Thomason and Gainey, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello has announced that actor Grant Bowler, who played freighter captain Gault in Lost's fourth season, has landed another gig on ABC.  The Australian actor will appear in a recurring role on Ugly Betty as the CFO of Meade Publications.  According to Betty executive producer Silvio Horta, "He's running the business part of the magazine.  He's hot and cool and all the women are in love with him."  That doesn't sound like a bad gig.

Out of all of these projects, I'm definitely most excited for Bowler's turn on Ugly Betty.  Which one will you be watching?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Entertainment Weekly
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