lost 3.21 - Greatest Hits Easter Eggs
lost 3.21 - Greatest Hits Easter Eggs
Another action packed LOST, the last before the third season finale, aired with the usual round of freeze frame bait and hidden connections.  Were you counting bunnies?  Did you spot the familiar face from Sayid's past?  What about that new Dharma station, we do love Dharma stations!  Read on for a small sampling of the hidden bits and new locales offered in lost 3.21 "Greatest Hits."

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How fitting is it that the logo for "The Looking Glass" be a White Rabbit?  White Rabbits appeared elsewhere in the episode, and in fact have been featured prominently throughout the series.  It was a White Rabbit, coincidently, that led Alice "Through the Looking Glass" in  "Alice in Wonderland."

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