Lost 3.17 Catch-22 Live Thoughts
Lost 3.17 Catch-22 Live Thoughts
LOST returns and this time it is a Desmond tale as he leads a party consisting of Jin, Charlie, and Hurley to meet up with a mysterious newcomer.  His past reveals his time at a monastary.  And back on the beach, romantic entanglements begin to untangle.

  • We start out with a grisly scene.  Jin, Charlie, Hurley, and Desmond walking through the forest when Charlie triggers a trap.  He is shot through the throat and dies.   Luckily it all turns out to be a vision.  Unfortunately, it's Desmond having the vision.
  • Desmond gets everybody together, informing them that someone is coming to the island.
  • In Desmond's flashback we learn he was a monk.  At one point a mysterious guy shows up and decks Desmond and walks out.  Whoa. Wonder who this dude is.
  • Sawyer tries to hit on Kate but she won't have it until she sees Jack making passes at Juliet.  Then, of course, she decides to go screw Sawyer.
  • On the beach, the quartet hears a helicopter.  It crashes in the ocean.  We see a red beacon light which we assume belongs to a parachutist.
  • Desmond shows up at the house of the guy who decked him. Turns out Desmond was engaged to a girl named Ruth and he walked out on the wedding.  Turns out he had some sort religious experience.
  • Back at the beach, Sawyer challenges Jack at Ping Pong.  The real game here is trying to figure out where Jack sits with Kate.
  • Back in the flashback land, Desmond gets drunk and gets fired by the monastery.
  • On the island, Desmond saves Charlie's life at the last minute, but his guitar might be toast.
  • They find the parachutist, she has the pic of desmond and penny.
  • In the flashback, we find out that it was all taking place before Desmond met Penny.
  • The parachutist is not Penny.
- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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