Lost - 3.15 Left Behind Recap
Lost - 3.15 Left Behind Recap
Two weeks ago, LOST cruelly left us with thoughts of magic boxes and extremely out of place kidney thieves dancing in our imaginations.  Part of the genius of LOST is how they keep you wanting more, then completely deny you for as long as possible.  So naturally, last week's episode of LOST,  Exposé, did nothing to catch us up on what went down after John Locke came face to face with “What came out of the box”.  Sadly, neither did tonight’s ‘Left Behind’.  But at least it satisfied one question:  what are relations like between ‘The Monster’ and ‘The Others’? 

‘Left Behind’ is a Kate-centric episode, in the sense that the flashbacks concern Kate, and – in an odd way – Saywer, but more on that later.  We do catch up with Locke who claims to now be hanging with ‘The Others’ willingly. He stops in to say goodbye to Kate before taking off with ‘The Others’ for the hills.

The back story is essentially about Kate trying to find out why her mother turned her in.  I suppose in some loose way, the theme here is coping with people who you thought were close to you switching alliances.  Unfortunately, the themes just don’t connect here.

The beach portion of the story is absolutely hilarious, and strangely touching.  Hurley tips off Sawyer that they the others are going to be voting on his banishment.  So Sawyer starts to play nice.  In the end, it all turns out to be a rouse.  Not because Hurley wants Sawyer to get in touch with his softer side, but because now that Jack is gone, everyone is looking to Sawyer to lead.  

In Otherville, Kate gets gassed by some others and wakes up in the jungle handcuffed to Juliet.  They dodge the monster a couple of times, which is very interesting in that we get to see how the monster sees Juliet, and she is definitely looked at differently than Kate.   Later, it turns out that Juliet was the one who handcuffed herself to Kate because she thought it would help them get along.  We revisit the fence and it turns out, as I guessed weeks ago, that the fence is to keep the monster out.  Juliet claims that ‘The Others’ know nothing about the monster.  Yeah. Right.

They go back to Otherville which is completely deserted now, and find Jack and Sayid.   Sayid has a cow when Jack says that Juliet will come back with them.  But it doesn’t matter, Jack always gets his way.  (Or he cries, and we all know we don’t want to see that.)

‘Left Behind’ was a good episode.  The monster stuff was very neat and it helped establish at least one thing, the Others are afraid of the monster.  Other than that, the episode was saturated with LOST clichés.  Mysterious character crossings.   Sudden abandonment.  People knowing things about each other without explaining why.  For the first time, I felt what I was watching was passé.  Next week, on the other hand, looks fan-fricken-tastic. 

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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