LOST - 3.14 Expose Recap
LOST - 3.14 Expose Recap
Expose’ is probably one of the most anticipated episodes of LOST for season three, maybe it is the trip back to visit familiar characters like Boone, and Shannon.  Maybe it is the promise of a piece of LOST mythology being solved.  Maybe It was the expectation that this episode, this coveted episode, would bring the demise of the universally loathed Paulo and Nikki?  Yeah, I’ll go with that.  On the other hand, as much as we can’t wait to get rid of them, this doesn’t let the LOST producers off the hook so easily.  It still has to be interesting end for the ditsy duo.  So was it?  As a matter of fact… it was beyond interesting.

Expose’ opens with a curious scene, Nikki running through the woods in a huff, hurriedly burying some mysterious object in the ground, then limping breathlessly to the beach where she collapses before Sawyer and Hurley.  They rush to her just in the time to hear a mysterious dying proclamation, “Paulo lies…” 

The flashbacks make up approximately fifty-percent of the screen time of this episode, and they are priceless.  In the beginning we find Nikki working as an actress on a popular TV show.  Seems she has a tryst going with the show's married director.  He promises to dump the missus and marry her.  Meanwhile the new Chef, Paulo is serving up dinner.  Turns out dinner has a little 'extra' seasoning, of the deadly variety.  The director dude drops dead, and Nikki gets a key off the director's body and they steal some gems and other stuff out of the guy's safe.

The flashbacks are significant mostly because they explain a lot of little things that really weren’t all that interesting.  Like why Paulo went to the bathroom in the Pearl, or more appropriately, why we should have even cared.  Dr. Arzt, who exploded in the season one finale, appears here and is a pivotal character, without even knowing it.  Turns out he is quite an entomologist, identifying some rare bugs including a spider which can paralyze its victims.

Basically, we learn that Nikki and Paulo’s relationship is really based around the stolen gems.  She is keeping him around because she doesn’t want anybody else to find them.  He is doing his best to not find them because he is afraid he will lose Nikki.  So he does find them, but decides not to tell her.   Unfortunately for him, she figures this out.  She uses one of Arzt’s spiders to paralyze him so she can search him but winds up getting bitten herself.  This segues back to the beginning of the episode where shortly after, we see Paulo and Nikki being buried in a dual grave.  Buried alive.  What a way to go.

There is a moment within the episode where Charlie confesses to Sun about his involvement in her kidnapping.  Not exactly a smart move, but aside from Sun later belting Sawyer for his piece of the plot, there isn’t much payoff for it just yet.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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