LOST 3.12 'Par Avion' Easter Eggs
LOST 3.12 'Par Avion' Easter Eggs
It's that time of the week.  Time to polish our freeze frame buttons, get out the screen  grabbers, and sift through another action packed episode of LOST for clues, connections, and hidden images!  This week it was LOST 'Par Avion'. Claire's scheme to get the 815'rs saved by tying notes to tagged birds may not be the smartest idea to hit the show,  but the sub plot involving the search party and their pursuit of the others is astonishing, and filled with at least a couple can't be missed moments!
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Among the things we learned:   Claire is indeed Jack's half sister.  The woman we met in 'Two for the Road' was probably not Claire's mother but her extremely grouchy Shephard-hating Aunt.   The Others are protected by a fence that kills with a deadly sonic pulse that makes blood shoot out of your ears.  Oh and Ben,  he isn't 'Him'.  Patchy taunted the search party with this info just before John Locke put him through the security fence.  Also, Patchy seemed to have some knowledge of the four, including the fact that John Locke was once paralyzed, a fact he very nearly gave up to the group.  In the end the group made it to The Others' village which makes for a great week next week,.

Now,  on with the eggs.

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