LOST - 3.09 Stranger in a Strange Land - RECAP
LOST - 3.09 Stranger in a Strange Land - RECAP
It’s LOST night, and with ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ we return to hydra island and unfinished business. Juliet has been arrested for shooting Danny Pickett, Jack has fallen out of favor with Ben after double crossing him in the operating room, and a new ‘other’ has appeared on the scene as a judge, jury, and possibly executioner. LOST has been struggling to find its audience lately, if ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ doesn’t bring them back, perhaps knowing what they missed out on will. Read on for all the goods from tonight’s LOST

Well, it was Jack centric. So in terms of characters with rocks left to turn over, this was not the episode. Unfortunately the flashback seemed a little forced, as would be expected at this point. It is the story of how Jack found his way to Thailand, and into the parlor of a mysterious tattoo artist who claims to be able to look into the souls of her subjects. As far as LOST flashbacks go, it was a little on the ‘meh’ scale. I have a feeling the meaning of Jack’s tattoos might have some interesting implications in later episodes, but more on that later.

The core issue is Juliet. She is in big trouble for killing Danny. The only person who can really help her is Ben and he is delirious with fever. Seems his stitches have become infected, and Jack is his only hope. But he is refusing to help. Why, after all, would he help them?

We get to catch up with Sawyer and Kate momentarily. Kate wants to return, but Sawyer refuses. Meanwhile, Karl is starting to come around and he seems to have retained some effects from that mysterious film because once he sobers up on the land he starts acting a little like he might prefer being an ‘other’ after all.

The scene where Jack was visited by Cindy was pretty much completely played out in the Lost Moments clips and previews. He recognizes her, asks why she is with ‘them’ and she says something like ‘it’s more complicated than that…’ The kids show up and one of them whispers to Cindy who then asks Jack how Ana Lucia is, which totally pisses off Jack and brings about the “If you’ve got something to watch, cindy, go watch it!” People are buzzing about just what it is they are there to watch. I think maybe they were there to watch some of the others ‘special’ movies.

Diana Scarwid does a particularly awesome job as Isabel. She is the one that finally convinces Jack to help Ben, for his own good. And he does. Ultimately Juliet is exonerated and Jack leaves hydra island to care for Ben in the others village.