LOST - 3.09 Stranger in a Strange Land - PREVIEW!
LOST - 3.09 Stranger in a Strange Land - PREVIEW!
It's LOST night!  If you're one of the people who have dropped out of the LOST experience,  don't worry... not only is your once-favorite show back to form, but you've picked the best possible time to drop back in!  Tonight, LOST delivers again on a level that ups the ante from previous episodes,  this time returning to Hydra island to close the book on Jack, Ben, and Juliet's predicament.  If your not content to wait, read on for a spoilerish breakdown of what to expect from tonight's LOST 'Stranger in a Strange Land' including EXCLUSIVE pics!

In the real time segment of tonight's LOST, Juliet is arrested and faces charges for murdering Danny Pickett.  Jack is moved to the bear cages so she can have his old cell.  Soon, Jack is visited by Isabel, the others defacto law and order.  She questions him about the proposed plot to kill Ben and Juliet's subsequent actions.  She also notices Jack's tattoo and is able to read what it says. 

Later, Jack runs into Cindy and the other tailsection survivors who were kidnapped.  Will we finally learn more about her abduction as well as the status of the children who were kidnapped.

lost-stranger-preview-01.jpg The flashback segment of tonight's LOST is all about Jack's mysterious trip to Phucket and how he came to get his tattoos.  Don't think that tattoo reveal is going to be anything of consequence?  Wait till you hear what they mean!

The hype over tonight's LOST is that three mysteries will be solved  Word from those who have seen it is that this is a bit of marketing hyperbole and that only one mystery is revealed and a couple of others are at least touched upon.  This should be of little consequence to the hardened LOST fans, we live for the ride.  

The things to look forward to tonight on LOST are more of those 'moments' that make LOST such surreal, thought provoking fun.  What will become of Juliet?  What exactly is the relationship between Alex and Ben?  Will Jack be allowed to return home as he was promised, or will his actions in Not in Portland cost him his freedom permanently.    How will the rest of the scene involving Cindy play out?  And just how did an upstanding spinal surgeon wind up in Thailand anyways?  Will Sawyer and Kate make it back to shore with Karl? Tune in tonight to find out!