Kristin Bell says No to 'Lost'
Kristin Bell says No to 'Lost'
Lost fandom was gushing last week with the news that former Veronica Mars' lead Kristin Bell was being considered for a regular part on the island, however it was not to be.  No sooner had the rumor made its rounds through the fan community, it was shot down again by the source.  It appears that Kristin Bell has declined the invitation to appear on Lost.

The reasons are somewhat varied at this point.  TV Guide's Michael Ausiello originally reported that Bell was offered the part of Charlotte, a character thought to be part of the ‘Not Penny's Boat' people.  The move to Lost was considered by everyone who pondered it to be the best possible opportunity for the actress, whose series was recently canceled.

Coincidently, Lost and Veronica Mars once occupied the same time slot, and many members of Lost's creative staff seemed to commiserate with the show's ailing ratings, at one point even jokingly offering to lend Mars a million Lost viewers to help keep it on the air. 

Leaving both the concepts of poetic justice and career advancement behind, rumors are the Bell may be trading the opportunity to appear on Lost for a shot at Broadway as the lead in a musical production of Legally Blond

The other possibility floated by Ausiello is that Bell turned down the part because she did not want to move to Hawaii.  While that could be difficult to fathom for some people, it may speak to Bells devotion to personal ties in the mainland.

For whatever reason, shattered fans are learning to cope with the loss of what would have been one of the more genius casting moves in recent memory.  All in the same week as the Peter Stormare (Prison Break) rumor was shot down to boot.  Stormare, despite what he says, was apparently not offered a role on Lost.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TV Guide
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