How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 2
How LOST Are You? A Recap of the Last Six Episodes...Part 2
Season 3, Episode 2, “The Glass Ballerina”

This episode is one of the few in the first six eppies that showcases Losties other than Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Now we don’t get the whole island, but Sun, Jin, and Sayid give us initial hope that maybe they can save the captives.

The show opens with those three on the boat, still waiting for the captives and Hurley. There’s a disagreement about whether or not they should continue looking, as Jin is worried about Sun’s pregnant condition. Sun tells Sayid that Jin is not the only one who can direct the boat, and they can keep going forward.

Back in the Hydra Station, Henry Gale (whose ‘real’ name is now Ben) learns of the boat’s positioning, and sends out some lackeys to get rid of the occupants. Pickett, a new mean guy on Ben’s side, takes charge of Kate and Sawyer and warns them that if they get out of line, they will be punished. (Cue example of Pickett stunning Sawyer.) But, being the Southern gentleman that he is, Sawyer decides to tempt the Others by stopping his work and going up to Kate where they share a passionate, movie-star kiss. Pickett goes to fight Sawyer and he fights back until Juliet shows up threatening to kill Kate.

Back in the cages, Sawyer confesses that the kiss was only a plot to test the Others and see how legit they are. (Good plan, Sawyer…) They start figuring out ways to get off the island, but naturally, everything is being monitored by Ben.

Sayid decides to draw the Others to them by way of a fire, kidnap, and kill if necessary. He wants to use the victims as bait to get Jack, Kate, and Sawyer back. The fire works, and one of Ben’s devotees goes to the boat, with great plans to kill and/or capture everyone on the boat. Unfortunately, the joke’s on her, and Sun shoots and kills her.

The odd part of the episode, at least to me, is when Ben tells Jack that he means him no harm – he simply has a favor to ask of Jack. What that is, we don’t yet know. But he promises to send Jack back home if he grants Ben his wish. He even proves that he has the ability, by showing him recent news and sports footage from home.

The Flashback: Sun is caught breaking a glass ballerina (hence the title, very clever), and blames it on the maid. Her dad is disappointed in her, but fires the maid anyway. We fast forward to grown-up Sun in bed with Jae Lee. No, that’s not a code name for Jin, it’s a code name for someone else. The awkardness comes with Sun’s dad catching them in the act. He tells Jin that Jae Lee has been stealing from him and that he must be killed. He goes to Jae Lee and brutally beats him, but can’t bring himself to kill him. When he leaves, Jae Lee lands on his car – the job had been done for him.

So I’ve heard tons of theories about the island, and what brought all these seemingly random people there. One of them is that they’re all capable of murder. We now know that Sun is, and that Jin’s pretty close. But is it close enough? Only time will tell…

- Jinju Brandis

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