Harold Perrineau Talks 'Lost' Return
Harold Perrineau Talks 'Lost' Return
Harold Perrineau's return to Lost was planned, according to the actor himself.  In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Perrineau talked a great deal about what his time was like away from Lost and how he feels about coming back to the show.  In the process he dropped at least one subtle hint as to what the future of his character may be when Lost returns in February.

The word of Harold's return broke into the internet spoiler outlets in season 3.  The rumor floating around at that point was that Lost's producers were negotiating furiously for Harold to return for a part in the finale.  Instead, we were treated to another ghostly appearance of Walt.

If Michael had appeared, would it have been in the same way?  As a ghostly figure?  If you believe what the underground says, the original plan was for Michael to be the first representative seen from the off shore people, AKA Naomi's folks.   How would you combine that with the already shock ending of finding out that Jack and Kate get off the island?  Surely they would have found a way.

Since Harold's return has become official, the question has been will he be on the island, or will he be utilized in the series' new flash forward device.  At Comicon there was much talk of Lost's capacity for redemption of its characters, and having Michael face the people he betrayed in order to get his son back is way too good of a dynamic to ignore. 

What Harold does reveal is that he is going back to Hawaii full time and will become a series regular ala season 1 and season 2.  With the fact being released that Lost will feature both flashbacks and flash forwards, it would stand to reason that Michael will be seen in the present day strand of Lost, probably with a flash back of what happened after he followed Ben's route to ‘rescue.'

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

source: Entertainment Weekly
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