Cuse and Lindelof Speak! Major 'Lost' Info Scooped!
Cuse and Lindelof Speak! Major 'Lost' Info Scooped!
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have to be two of the highest-profile show runners in the history of television.  They have the biggest cult show on television, one that owes a lot of its fandom to the internet and extra-curricular activities – Lost has just about as much life off-screen as it does on.  Lindelof and Cuse are under a lot of pressure from a lot of people, a number of whom are impossible to please.  It'd be hard to blame them if they shriveled up and cut off communication with the media, but they haven't.  Today, the two held a media conference call to discuss all things Lost, including the season 4 finale, the fate of various survivors and what's in store for the finale scene of the series. 

There's a lot of information here, so let's just hammer through it. 

- Cuse and Lindelof just finished writing the season 4 finale and it's a three-parter!  Now, the need for an extra episode makes sense.  I bet they started off writing in hopes of making it a two-parter, but soon realized they had too much story to tell for that.  It's called “There's No Place Like Home,” and the first part will air on Thursday, May 15 at 10pm.  The second and third parts will air back to back two weeks later on Thursday, May 24 from 9-11pm.

- Since this Lost season will only have 14 episodes, seasons 5 and 6 will each have 17 episodes.  Cool.

- Quick hits: Expect to see more Jeff Fahey over the rest of the season, they want to do something like againin the break between seasons, and they'd also like to give another sneak peek at the upcoming season during Comic-con, like they did last year.

- Sawyer is not one of the Oceanic 6, and the finale will deal heavily with the Jack/Sawyer/Kate love triangle.  Sawyer's fate will come about in accord with the love triangle, and it will be a big part of the finale.  I hope he doesn't die, but I have a sick feeling that this might be the last season for everyone's favorite con man. 

- On the May 1 episode, expect more Jack-Juliet stuff. 

- Cuse, on Claire: “We don't really want to comment on any particular character's fate. Suffice it to say, there are some very compelling events involving Claire that will take place between now and the season finale.”

- Cuse, on character deaths: "It's always a tricky thing when it comes to talking about death on the show.  If we were to tease a death, like when Shannon died, it leads everybody to chase it down and spoil it. On the other hand, if we were to say that everybody is safe, that would ruin the dramatic impact of the finale. So, we're excited about what's happening and there are definitely some very large and seismic events that will happen to our castaways between now and the end of the season. By the end of the season, some people's fates will be clear, and others will not be so clear."

- When asked about the final scene of the series, Lindelof said: "The last line of dialogue, we have a little bit of wiggle room. But the last scene has definitely been determined.  There would have to be some major sort of shift in both our mindsets to back off that. That's what we've been working towards for a couple of years now, even before the [May 2010] end date was announced."

- It gives me joy to hear that they know exactly how Lost will end, and have known for quite some time.  Even if the stuff in the middle is malleable, the fact that they have a finishing line and a precise number of episodes to get the story to that point should make all fans happy. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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