'Live To Dance' Another Day (Videos)
'Live To Dance' Another Day (Videos)
Paula Abdul's new reality show, Live to Dance premieres tonight on CBS at 8/7c and I'm pretty excited about it. Well, I'm as excited as I can be given what little I know about it. Based on the preview videos, the six-week series appears to be America's Got Talent for dancers.

The competition is open to dancers of any age, in any style. Tonight begins the audition process, in which the dancers (solo acts, groups, anything) will perform in front of Paula Abdul, a former Pussycat Doll, and some other guy. Then they are placed on "the short list" or not. That is what I can gather from the previews, such as this one:

Perhaps the most important thing is this: Paula's back! And I'm relieved to see that she is pretty much the same old Paula we came to know and be confused by in American Idol. Same sleepy, stumbling speech pattern. Here's Paula talking about her new show. Try to follow it if you can, or just enjoy the pretty pictures.

Still, we don't know for sure what exactly the competition entails. In a dream/nightmare scenario, Live to Dance would be taken literally and dance acts that moved forward would Live to Dance ... another day in the Dance Dome! Those who do not move on are executed by Paula Abdul. It's possible; we do have these ominous "Dance Domes" to deal with. Plus "One Chance, One Dance" sounds so ... threatening. So whether the winner gets $500,000 or gets $500,000 and their life is spared remains to be seen. What is wrong with me? That's not the issue.

Will you watch it or are you so bored with the idea that you may never live to dance again? Do you think this is a thinly-veiled attempt at some sort of Thunderdome because Paula Abdul just read The Hunger Games?

(image and video courtesy of CBS)