'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Closure for Eric and Emma
'Life Unexpected' Fan Columnist: Closure for Eric and Emma
Ana Acosta
Ana Acosta
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There are no new episodes of Life Unexpected until Jan. 18, and almost as soon as they arrive, fans will be forced to say goodbye. The two final episodes, which will air back to back, are called "Teacher Schooled" and "Affair Remembered."

The titles on their own give away some vital information. They will probably deal with the two most significant characters introduced in season 2 and the storylines we've seen developed throughout its second half. Hopefully, there will be some kind of closure and no unbearable cliffhanger, that's all I ask for.


The first time we saw Eric he was the new guy in town, he walked into Baze's bar and there he met Lux. The two of them connected. He immediately took an interest in her; he cared about what she was feeling and what she needed. He helped Lux realize that sometimes she had to think about what was best for herself before taking other people's expectations into account. 

It was all too good to be true. There's no lack of complications in Lux's life. She never mentioned she was underage to Eric, and he never mentioned that he was going to be teaching at her school -- then it would be too late to turn back time. They tried not to see each other anymore but failed. 

Their secret relationship put Lux and Tasha's friendship to the test. She had to risk losing Cate and Ryan's trust in order to cover for them. Tasha is the only one who knew (until Emma's son came into the picture) and didn't approve since it was the first time in their lives that they were able to actually be normal and fit in. 

The thing is, Lux is not like any of the other girls her age. I'm not talking about her maturity because she did grow up fast -- she did have to take care of herself because there was no one else around to do it for her. I'm talking about one of the greatest revelations in "Stand Taken." No wonder she has trust issues! The only person who could have made a difference, who was supposed to act like a mother in her life, chose to protect her husband instead of the child under her care. 

If Eric hadn't been there for her, the truth might have never gotten out. He was the one to suspect that Lux's problems at school were related to a learning disability, which ultimately meant digging up the past and facing its demons. He was also there at the most important moment in Lux's life and claimed that nothing she said during the court hearing could ever change how he felt for her. Even tough it may turn out that it is too much for him to handle, that she is more damaged than he could have assumed, I believe he has helped her be at peace with her past and her present.


Baze's transition from man-child to grown man couldn't have been possible without a woman like Emma stepping into his messed-up world. He had lost his means to provide for his daughter and decided to make some drastic changes in the way he moved through life. He put on a tie and jacket and joined his father's company, hoping to be taken seriously. Emma acknowledged his determination and gave him a chance. 

We didn't know much about her, only what Baze saw in her. He invested himself fully in making their relationship happen. Maybe it was his attempt to let go of Cate and the idea of what could have been if she hadn't married Ryan. Some might think that Baze moved on too fast; after all, he was deeply in love with Cate only a few months ago! I say he didn't want to make the same mistake twice, and he took the plunge for happiness sake. 

I would have guessed that Sam, her son, was going to be getting in the middle of things, but if you kept in mind something Emma said to Baze a couple of episodes back, you would know that there once was another man in the picture, someone who wasn't available. Is it Sam's father? I'd like to think Life Unexpected is not getting that close to a soap opera storyline toward the end! We know for sure that it is Baze's father. Jack felt strongly about mixing work with pleasure, and he was speaking out of his own experience. I thought Emma was smarter than that. What is she doing with the son of a former lover?!

I don't know how this story is going to end. Unlike many, I was fine with the idea of Cate and Baze, as a couple, being a -- not so -- distant memory, but only because Emma was played in such a lovable fashion. I really wanted things to work out for them. Now, I'm not so sure. What I do know is that I like the person Baze has become. He is fully equipped to be a good father and boyfriend material. If Emma hadn't come along, he wouldn't have pictured himself in a long-term relationship; he wouldn't have had the courage to stand up to his father, for himself and for the one he loves. I sense a heartbreak waiting just around the corner, but Baze seems ready to face whatever the future holds for him.

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