Will Amaya Turn Evil on 'Legends of Tomorrow'?
Will Amaya Turn Evil on 'Legends of Tomorrow'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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Amaya has been down a pretty rocky road on Legends of Tomorrow. She's been taken from her own time period (and destiny), been killed in an alternate future and has to live with the knowledge that one day her entire home and everything she loves will fall apart. It's a lot to live with. Even so, it was still somewhat surprising to see Amaya take an almost perverse amount of joy in (seemingly) ripping apart of a group of human beings at the close of the Legends season 3 premiere. With that ominous closing note it was implied that one of the Legends own might turn against them.

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The Start of Something New (and Old)

It's true that the people Amaya killed in the season 3 premiere were some very bad guys. They were unrepentant poachers, who seemingly cared nothing for everyone around them, and Amaya did accuse them of rape. They're not the type of people that anyone will lose sleep over watching die on TV. Still the image of Amaya's glee as they screamed in fatal terror isn't a heroic look. 

Amaya has always been a little bit more aggressive than some of the other Legends, except maybe literal assassin Sara Lance. Amaya does, after all, have the power of the entire animal kingdom. So it's not surprising that her blood will occasionally run hot (and cold.) 

Yet the moment with the poachers is the first time that Amaya's actions can be interpreted in a truly negative light, and given recent comments by actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers, this might be part of a season-long darker arc for the character. 

Predator and Prey

As was previously reported Legends of Tomorrow season 3 will bring the Vixen family tree into the show. Although they have appeared in the Arrowverse before on the animated CW Seed spin-off Vixen and on Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow will have Amaya's future granddaughters, Mari and Kuasa, make an appearance. 

It's Kuasa in particular who will affect Amaya. While Mari followed in her grandmother's footsteps and became the hero, Vixen, Kuasa went down a much darker path. Kuasa is Mari McCabe's sister but she was also an undisputed villain in the Vixen series, ruthlessly fighting for what she wanted often at the cost of human life. In generalities, Kuasa's actions aren't that different from Amaya's at the end of the season 3 premiere. 

In BuddyTV's interview with Legends EP and Maisie Richardson-Sellers it was revealed that this "line of evil" in the family would be explored. It appears like it'll start with Amaya herself. Maisie Richardson-Sellers explained that Amaya will begin to tap into a different side of her powers in season 3. 

"She also starts discovering new powers different than what she has and it's not necessarily the best. It's an intense power and it's how she reacts to that. There's some consequences," Richardson-Sellers teased. 

While it's unlikely that Amaya will jump right away to being a villain and fighting against her former teammates in season 3, it sounds like the year will cause a bit of internal struggle for the character. At the same time that the team is fighting her evil granddaughter, Amaya could be combating her own internal darkness. 

This is a great direction to take the character. Amaya was a fun addition to the Legends of Tomorrow team in season 2 but she always felt out of place and the one way the show made her belong was to put into a romance with Nate. If Amaya ends up being just as conflicted and "broken" as the rest of the team, she'll feel much more integrated and important, becoming more than someone who is just killing time waiting for her own destiny. Amaya probably won't (and shouldn't) become a full-fledged villain but it would be interesting for the show to play with her literal wild side. 

But what do you think? Do you think we might see a very different Amaya in season 3? Is a darker Vixen a good idea? What do you want to see happen?

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