It's Time to Stop Tearing the 'Legends of Tomorrow' Team Apart
It's Time to Stop Tearing the 'Legends of Tomorrow' Team Apart
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On each season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, the plot is all about bringing the group back together so they can go on to continue their time-traveling fights. Not only is it kind of annoying to have to repeat the same plot over and over again every season, but we're missing out on valuable off-screen time for the Legends that we've seen on Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash, which is desperately needed.

Character and Plot Development

Whereas the other superhero teams we're familiar with have time together to bond off-screen like we've seen, it seems every premiere of Legends of Tomorrow is about tearing them apart and throwing them together again. There's always exponential growth during the off-screen crime fighting time we've missed on the other shows, but the Legends haven't gotten to work together during these times. Have they actually spent more time apart than together?

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Each season gets a bigger and badder villain, but with the same Legends from season 1, how can they realistically stop the villain when we aren't seeing them grow as a team?

This season premiere not only split them apart, but only Nate was still using his abilities for good (and failing at it), while Amaya went back to 1942. The only thing that happened off-screen during hiatus was Sara Lance working at a generic Bed, Bath and Beyond. How is that going to help develop her character? There are usually changes between characters in between seasons in the aftermath of the last season (as we saw with Kara's depression on Supergirl and Iris becoming the leader of Team Flash), but never on Legends of Tomorrow. This is a problem.

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Too Much Time Apart

No one is very concerned about whether the Legends will reunite to protect time because we know they will, and we know that all of the team will do so. Not only is this bad for the character development, but for the plot as well. Yes, Legends is about misfits who screw up all the time, but this series is going into season 3 and they're still making the same mistakes they did in season 1.

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As light-hearted as Legends of Tomorrow is, it's time to stop making all of these characters out to be idiots (i.e. Nate's history book ending up in the hands of Julius Caesar) and have them learn from their mistakes and not make the same ones yet again. The time they spend apart only adds to the lack of cohesiveness they have together as a team, and if we're really going to believe they're supposed to be "legends," we better start seeing some growth.

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