'Last Resort' Exclusive Interview with Jessy Schram: The Fight for Love and Country
'Last Resort' Exclusive Interview with Jessy Schram: The Fight for Love and Country
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The best new thriller on television this fall is Last Resort. The military and political intrigue is enough to hold your interest, but throw in the amazing relationships and it is unlike anything else on right now. Jessy Schram plays Christine Kendal, a wife left behind while her husband, Executive Officer Sam Kendal  is stuck on the island with the crew of the USS Colorado.

Instead of hiding in the shadows waiting for her husband to return, Christine fights for him and their relationship. She never doubts his integrity or his love for her or country. I spoke with Schram about the role and what makes Christine so strong despite the troubles she faces.

Now that Kylie and Christine have teamed up, how will their relationship progress?

They are both very strong women and have their own ways of going about things. You see them moving forward in the sense of Kylie wanting to help out for her own purposes and Christine using the resources of Kylie. They are two women who are very much alone in their own world fighting for what they believe in and they're loud and strong. 

And, now they have each other to collaborate with, it's very interesting to see them be able to depend on each other in a very different kind of way because they are so different in how they go about things. But, they are all each other has.

Does Christine trust Kylie?

I think there is always a bit of skepticism. I think she is choosing to trust what she can. It's almost like, even with the Paul Wells character, Christine can see the dragon for what he is and so she's going to work with it. Now with Kylie, she sees no reason not to trust her. But, she's also more using her, both of the women are using each other. I think that's where the trust starts to form. But, she's definitely skeptical, it's not like she just has open arms, it's just out of everything that's going on, it's like, "Okay, I'm going to let you come aboard."

Why does Christine let Paul into her life? She knows that he is playing her, is it so she can play him back?

Very much so. I mean Paul really is the only person, besides now Kylie coming into it, he's really  the only source that she has that is close to the government and because she knows he's lying she plays that. She's tucked inside a corner, she has no one else to depend on and no one else there. And, if Paul's going to use her, maybe somehow she can use Paul to get out of the situation.

Now that Christine and Sam are separated and not communicating, where does Christine find the strength to keep going?

I think that there's something in Sam and Christine that is very similar. They are both fighting for this person and this idea and this life that they want, and that they had, and that they want to create. It comes out of that personal integrity to keep going no matter what, but also to get back that one thing that means the most to them. And, for her it is Sam.

Does Christine ever get the video that Sam made?

You know what, I was watching him film that the other night on the TV and I was realizing I have never got that. Christine has not gotten that video. Whether or not she will later I'm not sure. But, that definitely got lost in Serrat's apartment somewhere.

So, they are not in communication at all and Christine is just going on her faith and trust in her husband?

Yes, she is going on the faith and trust which is hard because she's being bombarded with so much false information that she really did search deep within her to know okay well, even if it's not for me  I know what his morals are and I know that he would never do this to his country. So, it's not just about me, it's about saving his life as well and the USS Colorado.
It's something where you had asked well how does she keep going on, there's also that point of she can't not keep going on. She's being thrown all these stones and all these daggers and it's so much bigger than herself. And, it actually is much bigger than just their relationship and their romance as well. 

And, now it's also that thing of pointing a finger at someone and accusing an innocent person, the wife of someone that they're accusing, as well, and saying  give me back my life, no more of this. So, there's no way you can't keep fighting 

What are some of the tools that Christine's going to use to uncover the truth?

She has Kylie now, which is a big tool, because Kylie is more involved in the functioning of the submarine and a little bit more of the political world. Christine does see the power of the press, and she's a face and a voice now that people will have to listen to. She's the closest thing to the USS Colorado at this point. She does use the press, but she also uses the relationship with Paul in a way that most people can suspect to be one thing, but it's most certainly means another. 

You've been on quite a few shows lately.  Will we see you again on Falling Skies or Once Upon a Time?

For Falling Skies, Karen is definitely still alive. And, Cinderella, whenever they need me, I'll be there.

Last Resort airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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