'Last Comic Standing' Recap: The Mentors Tell It Like It Is
'Last Comic Standing' Recap: The Mentors Tell It Like It Is
Karen Belz
Karen Belz
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Enough of the invitationals -- things are about to get real. This week, we'll be introducing a few mentors -- Wanda Sykes, who serves as an executive producer and helped reboot the show to begin with -- and the very funny Amy Schumer, who is a Last Comic Standing alum.

JB Smoove introduces our judges -- Keenen Ivory Wayans, Russell Peters, and Roseanne -- before Jimmy Shubert is re-introduced. Before he hits the stage for the second time, Wanda and Amy give him some advice on his original set. Amy thinks he froze up a bit since he's used to having more time on stage.

During his second set, Jimmy talks about having a rough time on airplanes. A woman next to him brought a therapy cat. "You're on an airplane, you lunatic! And if the nine prescription bottles you have in your purse aren't getting you there, I don't think the therapy cat will bring you to the top." "A cat freaks out over a vacuum cleaner -- how do you think he's going to deal with a 747?" 

Keenen mentions how he doesn't tell conventional jokes, but makes sure to tell him he's still funny. Roseanne likes his writing, and Russell thinks that watching Jimmy is like "watching Tyson in his prime." That's the most powerful comment a judge could give, in any reality competition. Ever. 

The "Racist Cop" is up next -- Mike Vecchione. When Mike goes over his set with Wanda and Amy, they give a few pity laughs. (I'm not saying he's not funny, I'm just saying the two of them weren't very convinced.) Mike loved being mentored by the two of them, and mentioned how they told him he needed to use "laser light focus" while on stage. 

Mike pokes fun at fathers with baby bjorns, saying that it's the cockiest thing he's ever seen in his life. "Look, I get women pregnant. I make them have the baby. Then I wear the baby as jewelry." 

Mike's roommate gets a lot of lady attention since he's tall, has a non-threatening baby face and a shredded body that proves he'll "protect you." Mike claims he's completely different, having the "ultimate fighter head, with a 'let's go get frozen yogurt!' torso."  Personally, I loved this set. Well done, Mike.

Karlous Miller is up next -- remember him? He was the fireman who was afraid of fire. Karlous tells Wanda and Amy that he doesn't rehearse, since it's just not how he rolls. Amy thinks his strategy is pretty stupid. And both Wanda and Amy seem offended by his set. Oof.
When he hits the stage, he starts by addressing the white people. "There's only one word white people use when they like you. Cool." As a white person myself ... yeah, I'm guilty.

"Women, they try to trick you into raising their kids. They say, all they need is a father figure. I say, well figure out who the father is then." Following up that joke, Karlous talks about his love of homeless people.

Roseanne mentions that when he's in the zone, he's really, really in the zone. Karlous mentioned having a crush on Darlene on Roseanne, which JB Smoove seemed to appreciate from the sidestage. Keenen enjoys how animated he is.

Next up? Our favorite thing ever. The comedy montage 

Comedy Montage, Part 1

Tommy Ryman is up next, and talks about how his Mom wanted a gay kid. "You're really good at dancing, Tommy..." his Mom said with hope. His response? "This is a 100% women loving family." Chloe Hilliard is up  next, talking about fat girl sweatpants. You know, the kind where the elastic wears out. Mark Normand also talks about people thinking he's gay -- stating that as a kid, girls were the only "group" he was allowed to hate. He makes a few awkward Puerto Rican jokes, despite numerous Puerto Ricans being in the crowd. Probably why he's in the montage! Tracey Ashley is next, claiming about how she was delivered by a midwife named Slappy May, and talking about how her husband made her possibly fear hippos.

Single mother Aida Rodriguez is up next for the mentoring session. Aida loves the fact that females, who inspire her to push the envelope, are the individuals guiding her forward. 

"Like my kids, I've got a crazy mother. My mother is fluent in English and never speaks English around people who speak English," Aida says. She mentions that just like her mother, she's crazy. Especially on dates.

Keenen is happy that she toned down her set a bit, which he advised to her the first time around. Russell admits that she made him laugh, and Roseanne thinks that her material is absolutely original.

A weird backstage scene? Oh right! Another comedy montage! 

Comedy Montage, Part 2 

Yamaneika Saunders discusses boob sweat, which is a cringe-worthy, yet very real, experience for a woman. "I have to put baby powder there," she states. "It looked like I was smuggling cocaine." Mike Gaffney talks about status updates. "Why bother with Facebook? Just say stuff to yourself in your own room." Deanne Smith (famous for the "Balls" joke last time) brings out a ukulele and dedicates a song to the whole world. As long as they speak English. Nick Guerra (the Andrew W.K. lookalike!) talks about horror films with ghosts and the fear of leaving the theater afterward. "Oh no, why did I park so far?" 

Monroe Martin -- a personal favorite -- is profiled next. And even better, Wanda agrees with me! She thinks he might need a bit more movement for his second set. 

Monroe jokes about being a tutor in high school, and pretty much answering his students questions by stating, "Come on, Jamal! You know this!" Monroe himself had a bad high school experience, at Martin Luther King High School, which was "Not his dream." His school was so bad that he had drug-dealing pregnant girls who ran gangs, The audience actually hoots at his set. Please, judges, make this guy move forward.

Roseanne thought he topped himself from last time, and loves him. (Hooray!)  Keenen wishes he had a bit more energy in his voice, and Russell liked the fact that he took his elements in one school and put them in one person. 

Joe Machi is up next, who is also amazing. Remember him, based on his high voice? Amy knows him from the "scene," and admits he's a hard worker. Wanda wants him to hit his mark a bit more, which Joe blamed on nerves. 

Joe talks about his friends, who don't want to bring a child into the world the way it is now. "What do you mean, the way it is now? The best it's been in history?" Back in the day, people would be having 15 kids, and most of them would die. "Most of your life was having kids, then watching them die. Then you would die. Of something they'd prevent by washing your hands." Ugh. Joe and Monroe in the finals, please.

Joe mentions ordering a pizza, with "9/11 -- Never Forget" on the box. He mentions how he thought the terrorists would find this pleasing, when the delivery man would forget your breadsticks. This joke was so powerful, that NBC decided to air a hashtag of "breadsticks" on the screen. 

Russell mentions that he actually quotes Joe's jokes to his friends. Hopefully, that's a good thing.

The Judges Deliberate

And now? The deliberations!

JB Smoove appears again to announce the comics that'll advance. Take a deep breath, folks. First up is Monroe Martin. (Wooo!) Joe Machi is next. (A secondary, more winded wooo!) After that? Karlous Miller, Aida Rodriguez and finally Jimmy Shubert. 

Next week, 14 more comics face off. Wanda is back, and more mentors will enter the scene at Universal Studios. 

Last Comic Standing airs Thursdays at 10pm on NBC.

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