'The Biggest Loser' Finale Recap: Who is the Biggest Loser?
'The Biggest Loser' Finale Recap: Who is the Biggest Loser?
A raucous crowd greets Allison live on stage to open tonight's season finale. Considering all the vitriol people have spewed about this season, I wonder where they ever were able to find this many people excited to see the contestants as they're introduced.

Same Old Ascot in a Brand New Suit

Allison introduces all the season's castoffs one by one. They are all dolled up to the nines and looking genuinely fabulous, if even unrecognizable. It's not all about looking pretty, as Allison points out, because one of them is going to win $100,000. They're all excused to get changed into their weigh-in clothes. Chism is first to weigh-in, and his story is really the most remarkable anyway considering our at least a portion of his family is barred from this taping.

Mark and Buddy are not being allowed to participate in the festivities after they quit a couple weeks ago. He learns he broke the century mark with his weight loss. But his reign atop the standings only lasts through the next weigh-in, because Cassandra has come bearing a new tat and she means business. She has lost 92 pounds and renders Bob speechless. That number is going to be tough to beat.

Emily Takes Charge

A wave of contestants take to the scale coming up short of Cassandra's number, but looking over at who remains to weigh-in, it's difficult not to wonder if Emily could finally step up in this competition after her disappointing appearance in last week's bid to be a finalist. And sure enough she does, by getting on the scale to reveal a 102-pound weight loss, one pound more than what she needed to knock out her best friend Cassandra. It's pretty clear from looking at everyone who's left to weigh-in that Emily is pretty safe until Mike.

Megan doesn't lose enough to change things and despite Allison seemingly wanting to make out with Kimmy, she too comes up empty. Gail is tearfully joyous about her performance, but it's not enough to change the standings. The innocuous Lauren actually came up two percentage points shy, while Roy gets up looking much better if for no other reason than he trimmed that Santa beard. Mike has to lose more than 138 pounds and he does it with absolute ease. The $100,000 is his.

Who Will Become the Biggest Loser?

Now that the preliminary challenge is out of the way, we're free to focus on the task at hand. Seven months have led Jeremy, Conda and Kim to this point, and before we get to see them again we have to watch a video retrospective of what each of them have endured to this point. They all walk out alongside their heftier hologram counterparts. It's a darn shame Biggest Loser's hologram technology hasn't been credited as an influence for the Tupac hologram at Coachella.

There's a brief amount of catch-up discussion with the three of them and Kim is awarded with a new gym for her hometown by way of First Lady Michelle Obama. All of which serves as the prelude for the big moment. Conda is up first and weighs in with 115 pounds lost. That's a much better number than I was expecting. But Jeremy quickly dwarfs it by losing just south of 200 pounds. Kim must lose 128 pounds, but comes up 10 pounds light of that number, making Jeremy this season's winner of The Biggest Loser.

It's easy to point out that Jeremy was one of the ones crying foul about how no contestants should be allowed back in, but used the twist to inevitably win the game. That is all valid and incredibly hypocritical, but really what's the point in saying what's already been talked to death about this season?

A lot of us have expressed disdain for most of the cast's personalities as we've seen them on television, but despite all of that, they do all seem to be in better situations than they were at the start. And we made it through together, my BuddyTV pals. It's been a delight having you all embrace my theories over the past five months and I've equally enjoyed reading all of your comments about the show.

Until next season!

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