The Peculiar Fame of Kim Kardashian, Now Appearing in Playboy
Kim Kardashian, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, graces the cover of December's Playboy Magazine.  Posing for Playboy is at once a prestigious and stigma-filled event, but for Kardashian, it certainly equals a step up.  The socialite daughter of the late Robert Kardashian (a high profile lawyer), Kim is famous mostly for her famous friends and unfortunate sex tape with Ray-J (Brandy's brother).  In December's Playboy, Kardashian poses nude in a classy 50's pin-up style pictorial, a photo shoot that was featured on a previous episode of E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

If you bring up the subject of Kim Kardashian to people who are aware of her existence, the consistently snarky response is “She's famous for being famous,” or something similar.  This is more or less true, seeing as she has really no right to be famous, considering she is not an actress or a model or an author or anything.  Her family isn't famous either.  He father was one of O.J.'s lawyers, and her step-father is Bruce Jenner, but is that really enough to garner fame?  She's rich, but not of her own accord.  Mostly, she's famous for being a friend of Paris Hilton, who is also famous for no reason, but became famous before Kardashian kind of did.  Deeper down the rabbit hole we go. 

Her sex tape is what many will point to as Kim's fame tipping point, but this makes little sense to me.  A celebrity sex tape is infamous because it has famous people in it.  Neither Kardashian nor Ray-J were particularly famous upon its release, which begs the question: Is the media sampling sex tapes and then retroactively prescribing worth to them based on some unknown fame potential scale?  A sex tape between two un-famous people isn't called a celebrity sex tape – it's called amateur pornography. 

It may seem like I'm angry with Kardashian's current level of fame.  I'm not.  I just find the way our culture assigns fame to be interesting.  Nonetheless, what people like Kardashian and Paris Hilton do is actually invaluable.  They are professionally famous, and going about it in a happy and willing manner.  You see, being famous sounds like a miserable proposition when you really think about it.  With paparazzi and Us Weekly stalking your every move, it pays to have people out there who welcome all the attention and lack of privacy.  These fame professionals cause drama, fill pages of gossip magazines, fuel countless blogs and entertain housewives while they wait for their laundry.  Without Paris Hilton there could be no Perez Hilton, and what kind of world would it be without those two?

Kim Kardashian seems like a somewhat redeemable human who wanted to be famous, got her wish and is now reaping the rewards via celebreality series #3,045.  If you want to see her naked, buy December's Playboy.  That issue also has an interview with Governor Bill Richardson, if that's something your interested in.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of Playboy)