'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' High Five: 'Out of Wedlock'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians "Out of Wedlock."

Having done a pretty good job with their professional lives - we're watching the show, aren't we? - Kris Kardashian moves on to managing her daughter's personal lives. Specifically, in tonight's episode, Kourtney's relationship with Scott. They have a child together. They live ina big (big, big, big - did you see the size of that house) big house together. Kourtney insinuates that she wants to have another kid with him (or she's just trying to put off redecorating the second bedroom). So, why won't she marry him?

High Five Highlights:

5.Therapy Wearing a swank open collar shirt and (I'm sure) expensive leather loafers (no socks), only proving to me that he is the long lost child of Donald Trump (hey, if Arnold Schwarzenager... never mind), Scott goes to therapy alone. He tells the therapist that having a couple of children running around seems very scary and as it is now, his son sleeps with Kourtney while Scott sleeps in the other room.

4. Pastor Brad A good friend of Kris's, Pastor Brad, is such a good friend that he asks Kris to become an ordained pastor (online, we can only hope) to serve as the officient as HIS wedding. Well, forget about Pastor Brad because Kris is way more interested in Kourtney and Scott (who might not want to get married and have not planned a wedding yet). Kris says that she would rather be performing their wedding than Pastor Brad's wedding. (Poor Pastor Brad.)

3. Sexual Vanilla Just before Kris and Kourtney get into a huge fight about Kourtney getting married, Kris wears a ridiculous pair of white sunglasses in a scene. The girls go from calling them sexual vanilla to barf on a sick and sinful. (I'm not sure who to be more sad for: sexual vanilla, barf on a sick or sins.) Not really relevant to the story (the sunglasses, not the fight) but worth mentioning here.

2. EVERYONE is on Kris's side Kris's best friend (act like you're surprised), the pastor (once again, act like...), Kim and even (gasp) Scott who seems more surprised that Kris wants Kourtney to marry him over anything else. (So are we, Scott, so are we. But if you are really Donald Trump's love child, there's a huge NBC/E! crossover episode in our future.)

1.Stop meddling, Kris! You might think that Bruce Jenner is much like Vicky the Robot girl in Small Wonder because of his mannerisms on Keeping Up... and because he only seems to appear to prove the moral of the story. Bruce, however, is a real person and does show up on the show to give Kris a kick in the behavior ass. He tells her to stop meddling while we find out that the reason Kourtney doesn't want to get married is because of her parent's divorce when she was young.


- How many polo shirts do you think Scott owns? And are they all covered with Easter eggs?

-Will Kourtney come around? Do we smell a double wedding in our season finale future? At least we know that there are enough pastors to go around.

Jennifer Leah Peck
Contributing Writer

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