Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Khloe Shakes President Obama's Hand at White House
Khloe Kardashian might already consider herself lucky, with two reality television shows and a whirlwind wedding to Lakers athlete Lamar Odom.  But things got even better for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.  She managed to head over to the White House and come face-to-face with the President.

Afterwards, she posted the news on Twitter and got everyone excited about it.  Yes, typical Kardashian fashion.

Anyway, NBC Los Angeles reports that the 25-year-old reality TV star and her husband took part in honoring the Lakers' 2009 NBA Championship at Washington, D.C.  The event gave them the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama.

A photo shoot was in order, as the team posed with the President.  He was then presented with a #1 Lakers jersey by Kobe Bryant before moving towards the rows of guests watching the event.

President Obama spotted Khloe Kardashian among the visitors, along with Kobe's wife Vanessa Bryant.  Both of them managed to shake his hand, and obviously the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was thrilled.

Before she managed to bask in the presence of the President, Khloe tweeted: "About to meet PRESIDENT OBAMA! This is unreal."

The reality star then updated her account right after, being even more giddy at what happened.  "Such an amazing day! I just meet Obama with my husband! :)" she wrote.

As part of their remarkable experience, Khloe and everyone else were given a tour of the presidential grounds on Pennsylvania Avenue.  It certainly is an honor for this Keeping Up with the Kardashians celebrity.

Whether or not we'll be seeing this on her show is another matter, but knowing this family there might be a chance.  What's more, Khloe's sister Kim could be making her way into the White House as well.

If ever her boyfriend Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl, we may be seeing another Kardashian shaking hands with President Obama.  We're bound to hear about it over Twitter too.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, Khloe Kardashian's Twitter
(Image Courtesy of MTV News)