K-Ville Episode 1.6 "Critical Mass" Recap
K-Ville  Episode 1.6 "Critical Mass" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's Sunday morning in K-Ville and partners, Cobb (Cole Hauser) and Marlon (Anthony Anderson) are walking down the street on duty. Cobb offers to cover for Marlon for the rest of the shift, but Marlon turns him down saying his family was in church anyway. Cobb asks why he doesn't meet them there as a surprise, and Marlon again turns him down. I get the feeling that there's a story here ...

Just then the partners get a call. There was a 911 call from St. Lazarus church, possible shots fired and a possible hostage situation. St. Lazarus is Marlon's childhood church, but not his family's present parish. The police are confused when they hear singing come from the church.

Marlon walks into the church and disrespectfully asks the Pastor what happened. Neither the Pastor, Fr. Tom, nor any of the congregation will talk, and several members of the parish actually reprimand Marlon for trying to ruin their service. The police continue to look around and Cobb discovers the body of the Deacon under a drop cloth behind the altar.

Flashback – Marlon and his little brother are in this very church, playing with a water gun, when they are caught by the Deacon who wants to tell their mother. Fr. Tom takes responsibility for the boys and confiscates their water gun.

Back to the present, the squad is searching all the people, places and even prayer books looking for a weapon. Marlon again asks Fr. Tom what happened, and Fr. Tom, who used to be a policeman, invokes his right to remain silent. Something happened in the past between Marlon and Fr. Tom. There is real bad blood here. Since no one will talk to the police while in a group, the squad decides to break them up to talk.

The female parishioner being questioned by Cobb tells him that the feud between Fr. Tom and Marlon has something to do with Marlon's brother, Troy. Cobb is surprised. He didn't even know Marlon had a brother. Meanwhile Marlon finds out that since Katrina, the parish is not doing well, financially, at all. In fact, there was a problem between Fr. Tom and the Deacon because the Deacon had found a buyer for the church.

Glue Boy (Blake Shields) finds a bloody earring in the hand of the Deacon and they follow the blood trail out the back. The squad is mad because they figured that the congregation had given the shooter time to escape. One of the older ladies gives up the name Sean Reiger and Capt. Embry (John Carroll Lynch) does a check on him. Sean has a rap sheet and in his mug shot is shown to wear earrings.

Marlon asks Fr. Tom who this Sean Reiger is and why everyone is covering for him. He gets really belligerent and forceful. Cobb pulls him away and asks him what's going on between him and the priest. Cobb also asks about Troy and Marlon accuses the priest of killing his brother.

Flashback to June, 1999. Marlon and Fr. Tom are laughing in church. The talk gets serious and Marlon talks to him about Troy, who is an addict. Fr. Tom suggests that Marlon get Troy to church for an intervention. Marlon balks at first, but then relents.

Back in the present, Cobb tells Marlon that he can't drop a bomb like that and then stop talking. Marlon changes the subject and tells Cobb about the problems between the priest and the deacon and about the proposed buyer of the church. Marlon basically accuses the priest of the murder and asks Cobb who else the congregation would cover for.

Glue Boy and Ginger (Tawny Cypress) don't find Sean at his apartment, but find out that he had/has a girlfriend, Shania Duplessis, who we see in a flashback was at Troy's intervention. Shania was recently killed when she ran her car into a concrete pylon. They find Sean at Shania's grave and chase him down.

In the church, Marlon tells Fr. Tom to open the sacrament alcove. When the congregation complains and accuses him of blasphemy, Marlon tells them that when he was little, he saw Fr. Tom put his water gun in there. When the alcove is opened, Marlon finds the murder weapon amongst the Communion items.

Again, Marlon asks the congregation what happened. Cobb gets a call that they've picked up Sean and that he's confessed. When he tells this to Marlon, Fr. Tom says that Sean didn't kill the Deacon, he did.

Marlon tells Fr. Tom to walk him through what happened. Fr. Tom tells him that he and the Deacon were arguing about the sale of the church, then they started pushing each other. Sean intervened and tried to break them apart. That's when the Deacon grabbed Sean's earring. The gun fell from Sean's pants and slid on the ground and Fr. Tom picked it up and fired.

Marlon calls the Captain and asks him to bring Sean to the church. He tells Sean to walk him through what happened and feeds him a little false information. Sean tells a different story, with the only similarity being the gun fell out of his pants and sliding on the ground.

Feedback to January of 2000. Troy was shot while attempting to rob a convenience store. As he lay dying, he told Marlon that it was okay. He'd already confessed to Fr. Tom and had been forgiven. Marlon walks into church, in a scene eerily similar to the beginning of the show, and confronts Fr. Tom about knowing that Troy had fallen off the wagon and not getting help for him. He tells the priest that Troy's death was on his head.

Back to the present, Cobb says that he believes that both men are lying to protect someone. He turns to Shania's grandmother, Hazel, and asks her where her gloves are. They turn out to have gunshot residue on them. When questioned, Hazel admits that she killed the Deacon because he killed her granddaughter long before she killed herself. In the past, the Deacon had molested Shania and she'd begun to relive it in her nightmares.

Shania wrote a letter to her grandmother 2 days before she ran her car into the pylon. That morning Hazel confronted the deacon and read the letter aloud to the congregation. Sean was there, and incensed, attacked the deacon. The gun did fall out of his pants and slid on the ground. Hazel then picked the gun up and shot the deacon.

Later, Marlon comes back to the church to talk to Fr. Tom. He tells him that the night he came to talk to Fr. Tom about Troy, he was actually there to confess his sin. He'd received a call from Troy and when he got to him, found that Troy was standing over the body of his dealer. Marlon blamed himself for Troy's death because he thinks that if he'd arrested Troy that day instead of covering it up, then things might have turned out differently. Fr. Tom tells him that he can only be responsible for his own actions. He needs to forgive himself and come back to church.

K-Ville won't be back on for three weeks, but the previews for coming episodes have lots of explosions and excitement. Can't wait.

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