'Justified' Recap: Access to Power
'Justified' Recap: Access to Power
This week on Justified, it was all about power structure. Who's in power of who, who can help out who, who can keep the upper hand? Let's examine this week's power struggles a little more closely.

Problems Past and Present

Limehouse has quite a few problems on his hands at the beginning of the episode. Not only is his operation tied to the clinic bust from last week during which a young woman was killed, and that he has now to clean it up. But Raylan's father Arlo stampedes around his property in a senile state, demanding that the soft-spoken crime lord release his late wife Francis. Not exactly the best way to keep ones head low and reap benefits in quietude, as Limehouse has been used to do up until now.

Cash for Intel

Later, Boyd pays Limehouse a little visit, giving him a wad of cash in exchange for getting regular intel updates pertaining to any strategy intended to bring down the neo-nazi-turned-god's-man-turned-bar-owner-and-oxy-clinic-runner's newly blossoming crime empire. Because not only is Raylan constantly on his case, but Quarles too has found a way to sidetrack his biggest opponent. It involves bribing the Sheriff who promptly shuts down Boyd's bar on the grounds of a blocked fire exit and some irregular slot machines. Of course, the Carpeteggar is foolish to think that this will take care of Boyd.

Bribery Attempt

Speaking of Quarles bribing the Sheriff, it should be noted that he pays a visit to Raylan in his new digs, a dive bar that, on the negative side, is too loud to allow him to get any sleep in his room, but that, on the positive side, has 3 dollar martinis and flirty women to boot. The Carpeteggar is ready to lay the bribery move on our favorite Marshall, but Raylan wouldn't be Raylan if he wouldn't kick Quarles' proverbial and actual ass through flowery prose and let him know that Raylan's not the one to be messed around with here.

Shadowy Financier

Raylan spends most of the episode tracking down Sammy, a financier to the Carpetbeggar's big scoped oxy clinic project. The FBI is already on his case and is determined to block Raylan's every move on the guy. But of course Raylan gets to him through an elaborate ruse. And finds out that Sammy really is not much of business partner with Quarles but terrified of him. Which is something that Raylan, apparently, can play to his own advantage.

An Old Acquaintance

Sammy's fear, of course, is not likely to change in the immediate future, as Quarles has to deal with the fact that Sammy withdraws his funds for the clinic. Not only that but Raylan serves him an eviction notice for the house the clinic was supposed to be run in. Having his money supply cut at this particular juncture in time is more than unfortunate but, being that we're only at the halfway mark for the season, we can all rest assured that Carpetbeggar still has one or two tricks up his sleeve. One of them, one is led to believe, is to enlist Gary to help him bring down Raylan. And we can already be sure that that involves a certain woman who's dear to both Raylan's and Gary's heart.

What did you think of this week's episode? Is Quales turning out to be the villain we were hoping for?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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