'Justified' Interview: Timothy Olyphant on Raylan's Family Issues
'Justified' Interview: Timothy Olyphant on Raylan's Family Issues
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Justified is finally coming back for season 4! Timothy Olyphant spoke with reporters on a call about the upcoming season and the trouble that awaits Raylan, including his family issues. How will Raylan deal with his father, Arlo? And, will Raylan become a father himself? 

Here's an edited version of the interview.

After the revelation about Arlo at the end of last season, how does Raylan deal with that heading into this season?
Raylan's not really dealing with it. You know, I think that Raylan does his best to try not to deal with those kind of things, that's what makes him Raylan.

When will Rayland and Boyd cross paths again?
You're not going to get through the season without them hooking up. ... What we didn't want to do is just keep it on the same scene over and over. We're doing our best to try to keep the story both familiar but yet unexpected. And, you know, when we sit down and try to concoct these things we're looking for the unexpected and hopefully we've got that this year.

A lot of the characters on the show have a strict code of honor. What do you think about that in terms of characterization on the show? Do you think that it makes this show much more unique than other shows on television right now?
Well, look, we're trying to do Elmore Leonard right and Elmore Leonard is always about some sort of moral code amongst, you know, cops and thieves and they define one another not necessarily by, you know, good guys and bad guys. But, just which ones are the assholes and which ones aren't. And there's often times just certain lines that good guy or bad guy, they just won't cross and there's a respect that comes from that. So, we're always looking for that. We're looking for that moral code that each one of them has, that thing that separates them from one another. And, you know, you can't pick up an Elmore novel and not find that chapter to chapter in all of his books.

It seems like everybody Raylan grew up with is a criminal, what keeps Raylan from kind of slipping into that himself?
... the answer is I don't know. But so far, so good, you know. And he seems to be walking right up to the edge now and then and that's kind of the fun of it is watching how close he can get to that without crossing. We were just talking about this yesterday in the writer's room, there's a fun game that happens now and again where others try to pen him down on who he is and what his intentions were or what would've happened had it not gone exactly the way it did. And Raylan is often who's not allowing them that - he refuses to allow him to get pinned like that. And in some respects, seems it's outrageous and even that anyone would even ask the question. That's kind of a fun character to play.

Will we get a chance to see Raylan as a dad?
I think that depends of a couple things. One, how long they let us stay on the air and the longer we're on the air there's a good chance we'll see Raylan as a father.  The second part of that question is whether we really want a little kid on the show, because little kids on the set, they tend to be a pain. ... But, I like the idea creatively as far as storytelling's concerned of Raylan being a father.

Are there any new villains coming in season four?
There are a few here or there, but we really made a choice [to] kind of stick with what we had in the bullpen this year. So, the good news is you get a lot more of Boyd Crowder - played by the great Walt Goggins - and you get more of his crew. Ron Eldard plays a guy name Colt who comes in, works with Boyd. He's just fantastic. Thoroughly, thoroughly entertaining. What a wonderful actor. We got more of Jere Burns, so we had so many people that we had at our disposal. We made a decision not to bring in too many new people. But, ... at the same time there's just a lot of week in and week out great new guest stars and great new characters.

Justified returns Tuesday, January 8 at 10 pm ET on FX.
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