Jon and Kate Plus 8: Hailey Glassman Talks Gosselin Romance
Jon and Kate Plus 8: Hailey Glassman Talks Gosselin Romance
Now riding the Jon and Kate Plus 8 bandwagon is the 22-year-old Hailey Glassman.  With her dating Jon Gosselin, it's obvious the media will come after her soon enough and pester her with questions about their relationship.  However, this one-time family friend of the famous family of 10 decided to settle things her own way.  She opened up to People and candidly discussed her romance with the reality star.

Hailey Glassman admitted that the whole issue shocked those who found out, even her.  "If you had told me a few months ago, I wouldn't have believed you," she claimed on her interview.  She said she developed feelings for Gosselin at the time he split up with Kate, when he sought solace at the New York City home owned by Glassman's parents.

It was back in May that her feelings came about.  "He was so strong," she admitted.  "I admired him."

While the two are definitely not engaged, Hailey Glassman maintained that they're having an incredible time together.  They've been seen out and about, recently spotted at Harriman's State Park.

"We're always laughing and joking," the new Gosselin beau exclaimed.  "We watch movies, play pool and ping pong.  We laugh a lot because I beat him at everything."

As though giving a heads-up to Kate, here's what Hailey Glassman thinks Jon likes most about his current flame:  "I'm a huge believer in not controlling someone. I give my opinion but tell him to do what he wants to do.  He said, 'I'm just not used to having an option.'  I told him life is about options."

The rest of the world may not agree with the match, but it doesn't seem to matter to these two.  Fortunately for the couple, Glassman's parents approve of Jon Gosselin.

"They love him," Hailey said.  "They think of him as part of the family.  They think things happen for a reason.  The most important thing is if someone fits in with my family - this is perfect.  It just fits."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of Radar Online)