'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Unsportsmanlike Cooking
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Unsportsmanlike Cooking
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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There are only 17 chefs still holding on to their knives tonight on Hell's Kitchen. After last week's cliffhanger, Jeremy's fate still lingers. What will Chef Ramsay reveal?

It's all about sports tonight as famed Olympians enter the dining room. Will the chefs keep up wit the pack or will they fall short of the coveted gold medal?

Don't get crushed," are the words of wisdom Chef Ramsay lends to Jeremy. If you recall, he was left alone with the boss while everyone else retreated to the dorms. Everyone seems to be bonding now, but an early morning is sure to turn the tables.

A large group of men, women and children dressed in sports gear stand next to Chef Ramsay at the starting line. After a three-kilometer run, these runners are going to be mighty hungry, along with Olympic athletes Maurice Greene, Natalie Coughlin and Danell Leyna. "I'm ready to run today," says Anthony, "let's save the little fat kids." Great spirit.

HK 3K Challenge: The race is on! One member of each team will kick-off the relay, switching spots in the marathon while their team prepares lunch for the hungry runners. At each check-point, the running chef will tell their respective kitchens about their progress.

Dan (Blue Team) and Mary(Red Team) will run while their teams begin prepping for lunch. Before the horn even sounds, Mary looks like she's moved a mountain.

Dan gets back to the Blue Kitchen in great time. He's able to jump in and help his team push out the first appetizers, that is, after Zach fires up premature salmon. He has to start over. Why would anyone want twice-cooked salmon?

Mary barely makes it back to the Red Kitchen, red in the face, dripping of sweat and looking as though she might pass out in the sweet potato fry fryer. On the station, Danielle is already having enough problems without anyone's help. 

Challenge Winner: Red Team

The women, winning a consecutive three challenges, run up to their dorm to pack because they are taking a private jet to wine country, Monte de Oro, to be exact! As for the men, they get to wear the ever-stylish orange vests and clean up the race route. 

Dinner Service

Olympic legend Kristi Yamaguchi and LA Clippers player Ryan Hollins join the Hell's Kitchen diners tonight. 

Tableside Greek salads Cyndi for the Red Kitchen will be prepared by and for the Blue, hold your hats, Jeremy represents. From the start, Jeremy cannot even twirl a salad bowl that sits in a bed of ice correctly.

The Red Team kicks into a great start with Susan's scallops and those tableside salads, meanwhile the Blue Kitchen is sinking thanks to anchor Raymond. Two risottos sent back, the third time has to be the charm. This gives Jessica in the Red Kitchen enough time to cook overachieve on the risotto station, sending two servings when she only needed one. 

Moving on to entrees, Dan, who is dubbed "Stringbean" by Ramsay, puts the kitchen at a halt because of incorrectly cooked lamb. The epidemic catches on in the neighboring kitchen as Jacqueline hands Chef Ramsay pink chicken. Total no-no.

The lamb just will not cooperate with Dan tonight. Hoping to get it to the pass in the right amount of time, he sticks the lamb in the oven. asks him how much time left and he confusingly looks at Zach who probably wonders the same question as everyone watching from home, "What?" As Michael checks the lamb in the oven, Dan stands guard, watching him as he tries to save the day. Angry and trying to get back to his own station, Michael bumps into him and the altercation begins to bubble. Chef Ramsay heads it off and puts the two angry men in the storage closet where he acts as spectator as the two yell back and forth.

After that strange encounter where nothing really looks to be resolved, Dan finally gets the lamb out of the kitchen and to the diners. Worse than this, Jacqueline attempts to serve under cooked chicken. Try to kill people much? 

Winner: Blue Team

Chef Ramsay sends the Red Team back to the dorm to nominate two of their members for elimination. First, is Danielle for her failed efforts on the meat station and second is Jessica for her returned risottos. Ramsay has a surprise in store, though, wishing to hear from a third chef. Jacqueline is the lucky nominee who could have killed people with her pink chicken.

"I was born to do this, chef," says Jacqueline. "You were born t cook pink chicken?" answers Ramsay. That's the only exchange that needs to be mentioned because it's hilarious.

Eliminated: Danielle

"Every dinner service, Danielle looked like a deer in headlights and that's why she ended up dead meat," Ramsay says. On that note, goodnight, all!

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, tension is high-er than usual. Jeremy collapses while churning pasta and Nedra has heard enough, screaming at the top of her lungs to a stunned Red Team. What will push Chef Ramsay to do something he has never done before? Tune in to FOX and find out!

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