'Jersey Shore' Roundup: Season 2 is '1,000 Times Better' and More
'Jersey Shore' Roundup: Season 2 is '1,000 Times Better' and More
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It's well over a month before the second season of Jersey Shore kicks off, and while we've seen a lot of photos of the cast filming in Miami (and more than we probably should have on the part of Snooki's), JWoww assures fans that the sophomore run will have "1,000 times more drama, 1,000 times more fights, make-ups, breakups," MTV reports.

But then she, real name Jenni Farley, started contradicting herself when she later assures fans that "everything was amazing" in Miami, where the first half of the season took place (it was kind of nippy in Jersey).

"There was no drama, they loved us, so it was easy on us," she says.

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In other news, of course the cast of Jersey Shore don't know who Aziz Ansari is. The Parks and Recreation actor, who's hosting this year's MTV Movie Awards -- you know, the same network that airs Jersey Shore, is by no means a recognizable name to the Jersey Shore cast.

"Who?" says Ronnie and Sammi; "God bless you. What'd you say?" asks Pauly D; and "Who's that?" says Snooki.

Speaking of Snooki, the 22-year-old is set to make a cameo on Jersey-based TLC series Cake Boss this season. She reportedly called the day "the best day" of her life as she is a "huge fan" of the show.

Finally: The Situation had sex with over a hundred women since filming Jersey Shore last season.

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