Jake Green
Jake Green

Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green

Johnston Jacob "Jake" Green, Jr. of Jericho is played by Skeet Ulrich. Jake went back to Jericho, Kansas to pay his respects to his deceased grandfather. Upon his arrival, he reunited with his friends, who were eager to hear about his activities while he was away. Not known to many, Jake had also come back to claim the money that he supposedly inherited from his grandfather, which Jericho's mayor and Jake's father, Johnston Green refused to give to him. Despite his mother's pleading, Jake then left Jericho a few hours after he arrived.

As he was driving away, Jake noticed that his watch suddenly stopped running and the sound of the radio turned static. He also saw a mushroom cloud up ahead, in the direction of Denver, Colorado. Puzzled, he stared up to the sky and did not notice the oncoming car which eventually crashed into his vehicle. The collision caused the death of the two passengers in the other car, and Jake had hurt his leg. With nowhere else to go, he walked back to Jericho and was approached by two children, who also suffered from an accident. Apparently the school bus that they were in crashed and left the driver dead. Upon arriving at the scene, Jake performed an emergency tracheotomy on a girl who badly injured her throat in the crash. He then took the survivors and drove the bus back to Jericho.

Upon arriving back in town, Johnston Green heard the news about his son who saved the little girl's life. Jake then earned a newfound respect from his father.

The following day a storm brewed up and threatened to pour over radioactive rain. Jake was in charge of fixing up the decrepit fallout shelter below the medical center, although his efforts were in vain. Finally, he decided to take the survivors to the town's salt mine. He then placed explosives on the salt mine's entrance and rushed to save his ex-fiancé, Emily Sullivan. Apparently, Emily was with two escaped prisoners pretending to be the Sheriff's deputies. In the act of rescuing her, Jake shot one of the prisoners dead and took over the hostage situation in a farm's storm cellar.

The storm soon faded and Jake was recognized by the town for his efforts in saving the citizens of Jericho. The town was later attacked by New Bern, and in the process, Johnston was shot dead. Jake is then seen as the next leader of the town of Jericho.