'The X Factor' Recap: Four-Chair Challenge Ends, Top 16 Revealed
'The X Factor' Recap: Four-Chair Challenge Ends, Top 16 Revealed
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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After two weeks, the Four-Chair Challenge comes to an end on The X Factor. In this episode, Simon Cowell decides on the final four Groups who will join the Top 16 in the live shows.

We've had some questionable decisions in these rounds, most notably by the new judges. Kelly Rowland kept Rachel Potter when even Rachel's own face and body were saying she deserved to be eliminated. And Paulina Rubio caved to the pressure of the least discriminating audience on Earth by bringing back bland Tim Olstad after correctly eliminating him.

Wednesday's episode featured the first four groups and Simon regrettably gave chairs to all of them. Girls United, Glamour and Wild Thingz were all unworthy, while country man band Restless Road is the only serious contender.

Sweet Suspense

This is another manufactured group of three teenage girls who love squealing, shopping, video chatting and licking oversized lollipops. They actually sound really good, a whole lot better than the two female trios we've already seen. It's obvious that Simon knows how to put super groups together.

The judges are all impressed with how far they've come in such a short span of time and think they can get even better with a little work. Simon says "Yes" and Sweet Suspense gets a chair. It's time for Simon's first switch, and he has three decent options to choose from. Wild Thingz get switched out.

Yellow House Canyon

They're two teen BFFs from Texas. I know I sound like a senior citizen, but there are way too many teenagers on this season. There's something unpleasant about them. The duo doesn't seem to make sense and adds nothing of value to their performance. They move around and sing with enthusiasm and energy, but it feels robotic at the same time.

Demi Lovato once again plays the villain by pointing out that one girl is a better singer than the other. Simon thinks they represent America (pretty young girls who sing country music), but isn't sure. The girls claim they can bring happiness by filling a void in the country market.

Simon says "No" and Yellow House Canyon gets eliminated
. That's a smart move, because Simon knows Restless Road is his country horse, so why would he want to say "Yes" to an act that would potentially steal votes from them?

Forever in Your Mind

This is the third manufactured Group of the season, three boys who are 14 and 15. It's just not very good and very uninspired. You can't recreate the magic of One Direction no matter how hard you try, and these are just three forgettable tweens with a horrible name.

The judges all rip them apart for being nothing but cute. Kelly thinks they're missing a lead singer, and she's probably right. It's like 'N Sync, but with just Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass. It's not a real group with Justin Timberlake or even a J.C. Chasez.

Simon says "Yes" and Forever in Your Mind gets a chair. It's sad that Simon is so obsessed with his own creations that he can't get rid of them. Glamour gets switched out. While I don't like these boys, those girls weren't very good either.

Good News

These teen BFFs are basically the California version of Yellow House Canyon. The only way I'd like them is if their name was pronounced the way Professor Farnsworth would say it on Futurama. They sing "Landslide" and I try to take a quick power nap, but their bad singing makes it hard to fall asleep.

Simons says "No" and Good News gets eliminated. He doesn't even wait for the dramatic music, he just cuts them right away.

Alex and Sierra

It's time for something different, the super adorable couple who sang that kick-ass version of "Toxic" in the premiere. Being the only mixed-gender Group automatically makes them unique. I'm so into their cuteness.

They sing "You're the One That I Want" from Grease, which is ridiculous. But they make it work because they're a great pair and so darn charismatic. Kelly thinks they're so sexy, which may or may not be her way of trying to get a menage a trois invite. Demi asks about what would happen if they break up, and Simon calls it a stupid question. Seriously, Demi, who hurt you and made you not believe in true love? Was it Joe Jonas?

Simon says "Yes" and Alex and Sierra get a chair. Girls United get switched out.

Roxxy Montana

The final Group is the one Simon said may be the best they've ever had on the show during their audition, so it's safe to assume they're getting a chair so Simon can prove himself right.

They sound great, but it's hard for me to get too excited about them. Groups like Restless Road and Alex and Sierra are something new and different, but these girls are the kind of thing you see all the time in pop music.

The judges adore them and Simon once again claims he can make them "incredible." The girls start crying about how much their parents have given up and how thankful they are too God. There's no need for this, the decision is already made. Simon says "Yes" and Roxxy Montana gets a chair.

It's time for the final switch of the Four-Chair Challenge. As much as Simon and the show want to make this seem like a hard decision, it's not. Simon starts by saying he's definitely keeping Alex and Sierra and Restless Road. Forever in Your Mind gets switched out.

The Final Four Chairs for the Groups: Alex and Sierra, Roxxy Montana, Restless Road and Sweet Suspense

Simon just might have the best line-up out of all the categories. He chose the four best Groups and has a little something for everyone. There's the cute couple, the country boys, the teen girls and the divas.

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We now have our Top 16 acts for The X Factor season 3. But you'll have to wait two and a half weeks for the competition to continue since the show is taking time off because of the baseball playoffs and the World Series. Things will start up again Tuesday, October 29 when the Top 16 finally perform.

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