'Supernatural' Video: Jared Padalecki Previews 'Hunteri Heroici'
'Supernatural' Video: Jared Padalecki Previews 'Hunteri Heroici'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Things are getting a little loony on this week's Supernatural. With a bizarre, cartoonish hunting trip involving guest star Mike Farrell (MASH), we could be looking at a Supernatural like none we have ever seen before. We had a chance to talk to star Jared Padalecki when visiting the show's set (courtesy of Warner Bros.), and he gave us a bit of scoop.

What is "Hunteri Heroici" about? According to Jared Padalecki: "It's a very looney-tuney cartoony series of deaths that gets us involved. And we go, we find out there's an ex-hunter who might be involved somehow or other. We don't know if he's hunting and staking it out... And we go and meet up. And the ex-hunter is an esteemed guest star who I used to go to sleep watching -- which was really fun."

All of these cartoons necessitate the use of a green screen, and surprisingly this is kind of an unusual thing for Supernatural. Padalecki notes that the only time he can remember using a full green-screen background was when John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) returned from the dead in season 2. This time, according to Padalecki, "It was myself and Misha [Collins] and our guest star, Michael [Farrell]."

What was it like for a youngish actor like Jared Padalecki to work with someone as legendary in TV as Mike Farrell. Let's just say he was excited: "I kind of fan-girled out today."

As you may have guessed from the basic concept of this particular episode, we are not going to get one of the super-dark and serious Supernatural episodes with "Hunteri Heroici." Padalecki notes that this kind of episode is often a favorite for the cast and crew, because "it's not too deep and dark and heavy and so mythology based. It's kind of fun."

Fun is good. And what is more fun than watching Jared Padalecki talk? Check out the interview below:

Do you prefer serious or funny episodes of Supernatural? How have you been liking the season so far? How can cartoons work in this? Leave your comments below!

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