'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Unnecessary Nedra
'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Unnecessary Nedra
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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So FOX pulled the old switcheroo on us, folks! Thursday nights will now host the remainder of this exciting season of Hell's Kitchen, so please adjust your schedules accordingly.

Tonight, the new leader of the Blue Team will be revealed and the remaining eight cheftestants will be cut down to a mere seven!

Chef Ramsay quickly sends the women back into the kitchen in order to discuss which person will step up and walk over to the Blue Team. Susan will deliver the volunteer name.

Blue Team Addition: Nedra

The next morning, the newly organized teams meet up with Ramsay in the dining room where he stands in front of various tables with different boxes dressed with the flags of various countries. Models dressed in the garb of those countries walk out to join their box. 

Country Challenge: Paired in twos, the chefs will go head to head, preparing dishes in the style of their randomly selected country. Each dish will contain the ingredients provided in their country's designated box.

Head to Head Pairs:
Mary and John - Indian
Ja'nel and Nedra - Thai
Susan and Zach - Japanese
Cyndi and Anthony - Greek

Joining Chef Ramsay to judge this challenge is Dana Bowen.

Looks like leaving the Red Team was a bad idea for Nedra, seeing that she has lost her point to her old teammate Ja'nel and the challenge to her former team of winners. I mean once Zach mistakes bok choi for "bok chewey," it has to be all downhill from there.

Winner: Red Team

The women, excluding Nedra, win a total of two-thousand dollars to split amongst themselves for a shopping spree. The former Red Team member is quite upset, "I could use a good bra!" she exclaims. Nope, sorry Nedra, you'll be stocking champagne, polishing glasses and prepping for service.

Dinner Service

Risotto is the first kicker of the night. Susan has double trouble on their first ticket, yet Nedra delivers dead weight to the Blue Team. Her salty serving of risotto gives the men reason to believe that they were better off without a quote/unquote leader. 

Meanwhile, the Red Kitchen has come to a halt because of Ja'nel's raw scallops. Neither of the kitchens seem to be warming up to the sudden change in lineups. Nedra has left her new station looking a complete and utter mess. There is trash EVERYWHERE and the guys have to stop what they're doing and help her clean up. When more improperly cooked scallops reach the pass, Ramsay shuts the Blue Kitchen down.

In the Red Kitchen, Ja'nel has handed stone cold fish to Chef Ramsay. Now, guess what? Yes, all of them are kicked out, making tonight the worst service ever. Ramsay instructs JP to shut the dining room down. That's a wrap.

Obviously, each team is asked to nominate one person each to possibly be eliminated. The Red Team sends Susan to the line and, well, the Blue Team's choice should be a given.

Eliminated: Nedra

"Nobody can say, 'Oh, she didn't fight,'" Nedra says on her way out. After tonight's performance, though, Ramsay knew she wouldn't be getting her black jacket.

Next week on Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsay awards the challenge winners with a coveted game changer. Tune in to see who will win immunity from next week's elimination.

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