'Intelligence' Recap: Who's Your Daddy?
'Intelligence' Recap: Who's Your Daddy?
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The latest episode of Intelligence opens with the abduction of Mackenzie Bradshaw and her friend Samantha by a Mexican Drug Cartel. Mackenzie is the daughter of Senator Bradshaw, who is the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in DC. It just so happens that he's set to vote on the sale of a satellite to Mexico that, if approved, could mean bad business for Hector Villareal and his cartel moving drugs across the US/Mexican border.

An interesting twist is that once the senator and his wife watch the video of his girls tied up and being threatened with a chainsaw, he does nothing. So who gets Gabriel and his team on the case?

None other than Lillian's dad, Leland Strand.

Introducing Daddy Strand

In the beginning, it's not clear what Leland's position is in the government. We do know, however, that he has enough pull to hijack the video and get the President's okay to order CyberCom to take the case without letting the Senator know. So, without much to go on, Gabriel and Riley head out to the University of Arizona to check out Mackenzie's dorm room. They quickly find Samantha's phone, and thanks to her Instagram account, they track down Carlos, aka their abductor, back to Mexico.

While a visit with Carlos' mother doesn't get them any useful information, it turns into a bad day for Carlos. Hector and his people were watching them and he's not happy that US agents are hot on his trail. As a welcome gift, Riley's cell gets a call from Carlos' phone in hopes they would track it down. They do -- to a lonely road where an old Chevy is parked. They hear the cell ringing in the trunk and inside is a dead Carlos, with a cell phone in his mouth and a laptop by his head. 

Not one to be rude, Gabriel picks it up and it's Hector himself ready with another present for the team. Directing them to the laptop, they see Samantha tied up and holding a live grenade in her hand. Gabriel locks in on the Internet signal and they follow it to an abandoned house. They're just in time too because the girl is too weak to hold the grenade any longer. Like a true military hero, Gabriel swoops in, grabs the grenade and tosses it away as Riley protects the girl from the blast. Samantha is safe, but the team isn't any closer to finding Mackenzie.

Strange Bedfellows

When Gabriel's on the phone with Hector, the drug lord mentions the name 'Obregon.' The look on her face as she hears the name gives away that she knew what it meant, and when she walks into an empty office to talk to her dad, we do too. Leland was 'Obregron' and Hector was a government asset the FBI used to bring down bigger bad drug guys in Mexico. Now that the secret's out, it's time to reel Hector in and Leland plans to do just that. He calls Hector and offers him a sweet deal -- return the girls and he'll give him the codes to access the new satellite. 

It seems like Hector is going to take it up until it's time to do the exchange. As Gabriel and Riley wait for them to bring Mackenzie, everyone, including Lillian who watches virtually from CyberCom, is uneasy. They're all right, and before they know it, they're outnumbered and in an unexpected double cross, Riley and the girl are taken.

Little does Hector know just how resourceful Riley and Gabriel are. As he boastfully sends a video of the two women tied up going on about how he's not taking orders from anyone, Gabriel is able to get enough info to do a render of the place where they're being held. He zeros in on Riley's watch, where she uses the hands to help him fix on their location.

Going solo, he gets to the house using their cameras to scope out the place and then their alarms to draw out the bad guys. While they're busy scurrying out, he rushes down to the basement to get Riley and Mackenzie out. Just as they're about to make their grand escape, Hector shows up, smug and unarmed. Gabriel is ready to take him down but is ordered to stand down by Leland, making it clear that this guy really is untouchable. Gabriel's not happy and neither is Strand.

Lillian isn't Playing Any Games

Dressed in a sexy red gown, we see her stepping out of a theater to make a phone call. When Hector picks up, we have no idea where this is going. Is she just going to give him a warning? Does she have people watching him? She does both! As he lies in his tub with a gorgeous woman washing his back, Lillian wipes the smile off his face really fast. You see, she has her own Mexican assets, including that same woman who stabs him in the back and leaves him for dead. I love it when a show ends with a jaw dropper!

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