'Intelligence' Recap: Brotherly Love Leads to a Possible Nuclear Meltdown
'Intelligence' Recap: Brotherly Love Leads to a Possible Nuclear Meltdown
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Intelligence is on a roll with the computer hacking thing in this week's episode "The Grey Hat."  The west coast goes dark thanks to a highly sophisticated cyber worm sucking the life out of the power grid. The only one who could even pull this off is a young and notorious computer hacker named Troy. When he's saved from an assassin in his swanky apartment in the first 10 minutes of the show, we know there's much more to this story.

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A Major Power Crisis

The show opens with Torbin visiting his brother Dominic in Federal Custody. The two were part of a terrorist group back in Russia and Dominic is going to be sent back there to be executed. From their conversation, we know that neither one of them is going to let that happen.

You think they're planning some sort of a prison break, but it wouldn't be Intelligence without a bigger threat. The Cyber Worm in the city's power grid wasn't just about blacking out the city; it was about shutting down something much bigger and much deadlier unless his brother is released. I'll also take the time to mention that this devoted brother is having an affair with his sister-in-law. (Trust me, it'll make sense later!)

Unsuspected Help from a Boy Genius

At the onset of the blackout, Riley and Gabriel jump on the jet to LA with their computer guy Nelson tagging along. After narrowing down places running on generated power and accessing the Internet, they find Cortes' apartment. Scoping out the place, Gabriel shoots and kills a Russian assassin who got there first, and a stunned (and very young!) computer hacker has no idea what's going on.

Questioning him on the rooftop, the young orphan, who hacked his way out of foster care, claims he has nothing to do with the worm but will gladly fix it for a hefty sum. The agents counter with a pair of handcuffs and a trip back to the plane.

Taking a closer look, Troy tells them that the worm isn't his but a very good clone moving about the grid to find its target. That target is a nuclear power plant, the worm coded to take out the safety systems to cause a major nuclear disaster. Right on cue, Torbin sends a video message to the US government with his demands and the team has to act fast. It will take the worm five hours to reach the plant and they need to get through to Troy to find out what else he knows about this worm.

Gabriel goes outside to have a heart to heart with the young man, using the information he found out about his older brother. He definitely hits a soft spot; the siblings were put into separate homes causing Troy's feelings of abandonment. We're not sure if Gabriel really gets through to him, locking him in the car to "think about it." Back inside, Cassidy learns of the worm's kill switch code -- Troy's heartbeat. The agents rush outside to see that Troy and the car are gone. A hacker hacking a car? A bit farfetched but not totally impossible.

Thank goodness for GPS, otherwise Gabriel wouldn't be able to track him. They follow him to the apartment of Troy's hacker friend. He figured out that he was the one who copied his code and sold it. Citing that many lives are at stake, he demands to know who the code was sold to and where the "Mothership is."  Before the guy can talk, a gang of Torbin's Russian hit men burst in and puts a hole in Troy's friend's chest. CyberCom isn't the only one who knows about Troy's worm and his ability to stop it.

Troy runs and hides while Gabriel and Riley try to get inside. Using Nelson's new Wi-Fi Sonar program, Gabriel's chip can see through the walls to get a handle on what's going on. When they get inside, he and Riley quickly take them all out and saves Troy again.

Take Me to the Mother Ship

Back at the CyberCom ranch, Strand is trying to get a handle on this nuclear situation. She's successful in getting an evacuation started, but as the clock is winding down, she pleads with the government to at least entertain Torbin's demands to buy more time to find the Mother Ship. It's the original computer that sent out the worm and is the only one where the worm's kill switch (aka Troy's heartbeat) will work.

Washington finally gives in and gets the prison on the phone. Their change of heart is a bit too late because Dominic's extradition is secretly moved up a day. The terrorist is already sitting on a plane and the Russian Ambassador has no interest in handing him over. With Strand pleading with him over the phone, Gabriel and the gang are driving to the tarmac to give him the range he needs.

The plane makes its way down the runway; they stop their SUV and Gabriel gets out. Tapping into the plane's system, he effectively shuts it down. Between the technical difficulties and being stuck on a plane with a terrorist, the ambassador quickly changes his mind with the promise that Dominic would be brought back alive.

Strand sets up the exchange dead smack in the nuclear meltdown danger zone, just in case Torbin tries to renege. Gabriel and Riley have Dominic, Torbin and his gang have the computer and Troy waits in the car with Nelson, ready to shut the worm down. The authenticity of the computer is verified with Gabriel's chip and Dominic is released. The inmate kisses his wife and hugs his brother before meeting the wrong end of a knife. (I guess Torbin really wanted his brother's wife!) Another van appears out of nowhere and a big gunfight ensues. Torbin hops in that van, and before they drive off, they set off a grenade in the van where the computer is.

Time to Fake It

Gathered around a fried computer, the agents have to think fast before they all blow up together. As they talk about the worm, a missile reference gives Riley the idea of creating a diversion just as the government does with heat seeking missiles. They decide to create a virtual reactor to lure the worm away from the real one. So you know what that means -- it's time for a render!

Gabriel and his chip create the code for a nuclear reactor that packs more power than the original one and then inject it into the power grid. At first, it doesn't look like the worm is going to bite, but it finally does, taking down the fake reactor and destroying itself. The nuclear crisis is averted, but Torbin is still in the wind.

Intelligence airs on Mondays at 10pm on CBS.

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