'In Harm's Way' Premieres Tonight
'In Harm's Way' Premieres Tonight
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
A new but somehow familiar reality show from the CW will premiere this Sunday on 6pm.  In Harm's Way will take a closer look at individuals who perform life-threatening jobs “for the benefit of society.”  For the first episode, for instance, it will focus on professional bull riders, while the second one will take a look at Coast Guard rescue units.

In Harm's Way will be hosted by former Survivor castaway Hunter Ellis.  A former fighter pilot himself, Ellis will follow these people who risk their lives everyday while the rest of the population slave over relatively humdrum work.  Ellis was the third person voted off Survivor: Marquesas way back in 2002.  He is not in any way new to television hosting duties, presiding over The History Channel documentary called Tactical to Practical about innovations made for combat situations that eventually became practical for domestic use and Man, Moment, and Machine, also on The History Channel.
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For its first episode, In Harm's Way takes a closer look at the US Coast Guard, who was the first to respond when an accident occurs off the Alaskan coastline.  The unscripted reality series comes from executive producer Craig Piligian, the man behind Dirty Jobs, American Chopper, and Survivor.

“You know when you have a dangerous job,” says the voiceover in the trailer, “when a coffee break means breaking your leg, your conference room is 300 feet above open water, and a good day at the office is making it home alive,” while shots of bullfighting, rescue operations, fighter jets, and what looks like a live volcano alternate onscreen.

In Harm's Way sounds dangerously close to NBC's America's Toughest Jobs, which premiered on more than a month ago in August 25th.  The difference lies in the overall format.  America's Toughest Jobs pits people against each other, while In Harm's Way is essentially a documentary, no competition, no prizes, just plain information.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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