Meet the Cast of ABC's 'I Survived a Japanese Game Show'
Yesterday, we reported on ABC's newest reality game show offering, which will send ten Americans to the Eastern lands of Japan to compete in absurdly crazy games to win a total of $250,000.  These ten Americans will be grouped by pairs and will have to endure hilarious and at times pointless challenges to bag the price and eventually claim “I Survived a Japanese Game Show!”

Read on to meet the cast of the newest ABC comedy-meets-reality offering, in which contenders will have to eat food off each other, make scrambled eggs with their butts and act as a human stuff-toy-collecting crane.

Meet 23-year-old Mary Greenawalt.  She's a gym membership sales representative from Matthews, North Carolina.  Her red hair flares with her personality, and she is admittedly vain.  She has a devil-may-care attitude which makes her love herself a little bit more than she would other people.  Mary the wild child enjoys charming people despite being totally silly.  She also often gets paid for being a party motivator, and has a BFA in Acting to her name.

Twenty-eight-year-old Andrew Kelly-Hayes is a radio sales consultant from Boston, Massachusetts.  Boasting of a BA in Journalism/Communication, he is always armed with his hilarious stories and off-the-wall energy.  He likes wearing flip-flops and could be a long-lost Belushi brother.  During his free time, he enjoys schmoozing old ladies at Bingo, harassing strangers while on Smile Patrol and joining his college cheerleading team to meet hot women.

Bilenda Madison is a 38-year-old veterinarian from Charlotte, North Carolina.  She graduated with a BS in Marine Science and is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  She describes herself as independent and career-focused yet feisty.  She prioritizes her career and loved ones before any romantic relationship, and exudes confidence wherever she goes.

Twenty-one-year-old Cathy Nardone is an affiliate manager from Staten Island, New York, where she was born and raised and plans to stay for the rest of her life.  She is a brutally honest tough chick who says she shouldn't be messed with in the slightest.

Darcy Sletager, 31, from Idaho is a photo editor with a BFA in Visual Arts.  She is a single mother who yearns to escape the dreary dating scene and her everyday life.  She places her children before anything else, and believes it is time she got her spunkiness back.

A real estate appraiser from Chicago, Illinois, Donnell Pittman is a loud and energetic all-American dad who struggles to provide for his family.  He once dreamed of becoming a football pro, and it still striving to satisfy his cravings for a good competition.

Justin Wood is a 24-year-old financial representative from Trussville, Alabama.  He is currently attending Community College and believes that he is a "divine, fine and genuine-grade-A piece of southern beast."  Charming and quite good-looking, Justin likes fishing, hunting and girl chasing.

Meaghan Cooper is a 22-year-old bartender from San Antonio, Texas.  Despite being from Texas, Meaghan comes off as a California valley girl complete with the blonde hiar and ditzy image.  She is free-spirited and uses her sex appeal to her advantage in her work and personal life.  Like a typical blonde bombshell, she craves to be the center of attention.

Olga Medvedev, on the other hand, is a 26-year-old waitress from Medford, Massachussetts.  She has a BA in Broadcast Journalism and a "don't-mess-with-me attitude" which comes off as quite abrasive.  She hails from a Russian family with eight brothers (which might explain the attitude) and is very opinionated yet hilarious and comical.

Lastly, we have Ben Hughes, a 44-year-old from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  He has an MS in Human Resources to his name, and is admittedly in the midst of a mid-life crisis.  An official handler of Punxsutawney Phil, the ground hog, Ben is very lovable, modest and cheerful.

Don't forget to watch I Survived a Japanese Game Show when it premieres on ABC on June 24 at 9pm.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ABC
(Photo courtesy of ABC)