Behind the Scenes on the 'I Love Money' 2 Reunion
Behind the Scenes on the 'I Love Money' 2 Reunion
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
After Myammee won the second season of VH1 reality show I Love Money last week, the notorious contestants sat down with each other for the reunion show last night, safe for a couple who reportedly had prior engagements.

As posted on the VH1 blog, there was a cacophony of things to check out behind the scenes during the reunion show, including the returning contestants and their antics.  According to VH1, this year's affair was no doubt "lighter" compared to last season's reunion show.

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It, setting off the mood, said, "I'm handsome, right?" adding that he didn't believe other people who say that Buddha or Onix was the hottest one on I Love Money, and after showing off his new Prada sneakers, he revealed something in reference to the complication that a prize money could bring.  "I'm a smart dude, so I know how to not let that. If you want the $250,000, you can't let that mess with you. I had Saaphyri's emotions, but she didn't have mine. She used to get jealous that I used to flirt with Myammee.  That's why she didn't like Myammee."

Speaking of whom, Onix said he thought he'd last longer on the show, but in the end, he has no regrets.  "I thought I was going to be more like Tailor Made.  I thought I was gonna come in and hang out in the background for a bit and let people eliminate themselves. Looking back,  I'm kinda glad I didn't last longer.  It was so heated and stressful from Day 1, as soon as T-Weed took on Buddha.  After two days, it was like, my god. If I have to do this for weeks, I'll go insane."

For T-Weed's part, he said bureaucracy prevailed on I Love Money.  "I left on an integrity basis. From one perspective, that makes me even more of a champion, because that's a champion mentality.  Even if you read the Proverbs, it's like, you can wear gold and silver, but what you learn and manifest can sometimes be greater."

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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